Thursday, September 25, 2008

A few observations

When I flew to Utah for my sibling reunion in August, I had quite a bit of time to spend watching people in the airport. I actually really enjoy observing people. I am a people watcher. No doubt.
Anyway, one of the first things I noticed in my travelogue that day, was what people chose to wear. I thought most people would choose an outfit that was comfortable, not too complicated, and well balanced. I do, when I am traveling. Well, there are some eye-catchers out there, for sure. I saw some lady wearing some really cute jeans (I was tempted to ask her where she got them) but they were so overshadowed by her electrifying hot pink shirt, hot pink glittery bag, hot pink cowboy boots, hot pink sunglasses, and hot pink overdone jewelry and her hot pink belt and nail polish. I mean, come on lady. You could have gotten away with maybe two hot pink accessories, but when you were head to toe in your "hot pinkiness", it was just a little too much. I'm a big fan of pink. Really. But it was sooo much pink! I was so glad, albeit a bit let down, that she didn't have on hot pink jeans too. She was probably thinking that the hot pink jeans may have tipped the scales a little too much on the pink side. Yeah. The jeans would have been pink overkill. Good thinking. Stop while you are ahead.

Speaking of a head (lol), I was driving down the freeway a while ago and I saw a big 'ole feisty pickup truck get a little too close to my lane, so I quickly gave a little side glance over the shoulder at the offender, and boy did I do a double take! Sittin' there all purdy in her ripped off sleeveless T-shirt and a pair of dangly silver earrings that just didn't seem to coordinate with the T-shirt, this lady was sportin' the worst mullet that I have ever seen. It was freshly cut and styled and she seemed rather proud to have it. She even caressed a little wispy lock of hair as it gently fell across her shoulder. I wonder where she was going. Maybe she was going to the outlets to shop for more shirts and dangly earrings. Maybe she was going to afternoon tea. So it got me thinking. Is the mullet love back? Could it work? Will we all be donning mullet do's in the next 10 years?

A few weeks later, we were having dinner at a friends house and playing games. For one of the games, if you were "it", you had to stand in the middle of the circle. Our friend brought out an old wig to make things more interesting. Ah. The mullet. We were meant to be. What do you think?

I'm thinking I want to get my own wig for Halloween. Think I could work it?


Sharon Carpenter said...

i personally im a HUGE fan of mullets, infact one of my favorite people in the world has a mullet... or shoule i say mullETTE (it's jayners, and if i'm not mistaken, didn't georgie have one for a long time?) i wonder sometimes if people see the way i dress i think "a little outa control lady" but probably not, because i dress normal, just like everyone else probably thinks they dress normal too.

Julee said...

Shaina, this is your roomie from Ricks. How are you? It's good to see your cute family!! You need to catch me up on life these past 13 years or so!! It's crazy to think its been 13 years or more. Check out my family on my blog and or email me

I'm Always Rite said...

You are sooooo gonna miss the south! ;)

Ande said...

nice mullett. You guys make an adorable mullett couple. :) Party in the back, business in the front baby!!!

KJ-Starre said...

Babe...blonde is definitely...NOT your colour...! Especially when it is so nice & shiny...(polyester right?)! :o)
I must say when I read about your SAXY trucker lady, I almost pee'd in my pants laughing...I so got it!!
Do you know there is a facebook group that only discusses mullets...& a web site called could be right...this fad is on it's way in??

"Mullets Unite"

...we should have T-shirts printed....? Huh? Huh? what do you think??
{I think if you & I ever got together, we'd never stop talking & laughing...about the same stuff!}

Karen and Matt said...

Nice mullets!!! =)