Friday, September 26, 2008

A good man

This guy has been gone for three weeks this trip. Essentially, he's been gone most of the time since May. That is the biggest reason he is switching jobs. The plan is for him to leave in one week to travel to Colorado and start his new job. After a few weeks, we will be over there too and we'll be together again! No more traveling!!

So he will probably be working in Georgia until Tuesday, be with us a few days, and then leave on Friday. We have missed him. A lot. Here are some things we miss:

Keaton and Kolby miss going on bike rides with daddy. They miss him wrestling on the floor with them, swinging them in the air, and they miss all the juice they get to drink when daddy's around, because he is the only one in the family who makes it.

Kamy misses telling him stories about school, and having someone in the house who eats more than she does. She misses helping him get things and watching "Man vs Wild" with him.

Georgie really misses being held and cuddled by daddy. She misses climbing up on his knee and rubbing her soft hands across his stubble and singing songs with him.

I miss having him next to me when I sleep. I miss the smell of him when he's getting ready in the morning. I miss rubbing my hands across his face and having the scent of him linger on my fingertips. I miss his feeble excuse of "checking on the doors and lights" when really he is getting a late night snack. I miss hearing him sing and whistle, which is very second nature to him. I miss his eyes, and how they sing of love for me. I miss his arms around me.

Soon, babe. We'll all be together. Until then. I love you.


Heath said...

Thank you Babes, that was very sweet and I miss you too. Soon though I will be where I belong and that is with you guys.
One thing that I learned from all my travels was just how strong the feelings of love were for my family when I was away. I had been taught that love was the strongest motivator of behavior and I knew that was true. But my feelings surprised me by how strong they were and that was something I didn't expect. I appreciate Shaina and the kids much more than I did before and without this sometimes uncomfortable journey, I wouldn't have known so clearly what my priorities are and how they should stay in future. And unlike the military I was being away from them willingly which made it much different than being in an enlistment. The Lord has truly blessed me and I feel answered our prayers and I can't wait to move to the mountains in Colorado. I better stop now I am starting to sound like my Mother in Law (Love you Mom). See you guys soon.

kdaygirl said...

I miss all that too!

Ande said...

Good that you guys will soon not have to worry about the traveling. I don't like nights, Tom might as well be gone, he is never here and when he is he is sleeping or grouchy because he says he needs more sleep. yeah for us. :) Are you driving with the kids from Georgia by yourself?

Jen Sue Wild said...

I am so happy that you all will be together again.. This will be so great!! Plus I know you all have been wanting to go to Colorado.. so even better.

Queen of Chaos said...

When Warren was gone it was very hard. All the little things that weren't 'important' really were.

I'm glad you have an end to him traveling so much. It will be so much better after your move.

The Girls' Mom said...

What a sweet hubby! I'll be glad whenyour family is back together.

I'm Always Rite said...

You guys are so sweet. :) I pray the next few weeks fly by and you're all together in the mountains before you realize it! :)

Karen and Matt said...

So sweet! You do have a great hubby! I'm so glad that you guys will be together again! =)

The Crockett's said...

I totally get it! Kenny has been working full time and going to school at night for the last 5 years working towards his CPA. During that time he has also served in the young mens and now the executive secretary (AKA bishop's shadow) at church. So I feel your pain! He finally finished his master's in July, and we are still adjusting to having him home more. It's a wonderful thing to adjust to!