Sunday, September 28, 2008

Keaton's Birthday

We celebrated Keaton's 7th birthday this weekend. I think my gushy post about Heath a few days before sparked something, because he was able to come home late Friday night. Yeah!! So we were able to celebrate together and enjoy these next few days before Heath leaves to start the new job in Colorado. I always like to take a family picture on birthday days, so this is what we took on Keaton's birthday.

Back to Keaton. He wanted to have Spaghetti for his birthday dinner and he wanted Superman cupcakes with his seven candles. Looks like it was an "S" night all around. Super. Now I have never claimed to be a cake decorator. Far from it. But I did my best to make him Superman Cupcakes.

Remind me one time to tell you about the Buzz Lightyear cake he wanted a few years back. What a funny tragedy. Anyway, back to his birthday. He got some Batman shoes that make him run "super fast" and some little Star Wars figurines, a telescope, and a Storm Trooper dressup costume. We invited one other family to come over for cake and icecream. I think he had a great day.

Keaton is a great kid who has a great sensitivity about him. He genuinely wants to make other's happy. He loves to ride his bike and run fast and dress-up in pirate costumes. He always eats whatever food we put in front of him and never complains about it. He usually will say "This is the best dinner in the whole world". His favorite food is spaghetti. Currently he loves to learn about numbers and he sings louder than any other kid in primary. He's great. I think we'll keep him.


Shavonne said...

Happy Birthday to Keaton! I love the Storm trooper outfit!!! You did a nice job with the cupcakes.

Ande said...

Happy Birthday to Keaton!!!!! The cupcakes are cute. Looks like he had a good birthday and glad that Heath got to be there.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Happy birthday sweet boY!!

The Girls' Mom said...

I love the things you wrote about Keaton, It is nice to see kids as their parents see them.

Karen and Matt said...

Happy Birthday Keaton! Cute cupcakes!!! =)

I'm Always Rite said...

Definitely a keeper!

Happy Birthday Keaton!