Monday, September 8, 2008

Life as a 10 year old

Over the weekend the husband and I cleaned out our garage and did some repair work around the house. One of the boxes in the garage had some old journals in it. I found one that I had written in during college. I found a 3-ring binder that I had saved all of the emails Heath and I had sent to each other when we were dating. (as a side note, we knew each other in high school but never dated. When I was done with college and he was away at college, we started emailing each other and that is how we "dated" for 4 months before we got engaged, and then married a few months after that.) So I have all those emails, which is fun to look at.

But the journal I was interested in yesterday was my very first journal, started when I was 10 years old. I wasn't much older than Kamy is now, so it gave me a little insight into what might be going through Kamy's mind right now. Here is a picture of me and Kim in 1986. I was 10 years old. (I was wearing clip on earrings and so very proud to have them. I remember when I got these school pictures back, and I couldn't see the earrings through my fanned-out hair. I was so bitterly disappointed.)

As I was reading some of my journal entries, I found a few things interesting. Here are some excerpts.

"I had to go with mom to her doctor's appointment today. I waited there so long. If you ask me, I was so bored. When mom had to step on the scale, I went up to her and she pushed me away. Why did she do that? I think it's because she is pregnant again. What other reason would she push me away?"

"It is Christmas eve and mom sent us to bed. Kim and I are going to sleep in the same bed to stay warm back here in our cold bedroom. Kim has a stopwatch. She is going to set it for 1:30 am. I can't believe we are going to stay up so late! It's going to be so cool. When the alarm goes off, we are going to go into the living room and see all the presents. We'll be the first ones to know!"
"...It's the next morning. Kim's watch must've been broken. We also fell asleep way before 1:30. Probably about 10:00. Anyway, we woke up at 4:00 and went to see all the toys. We thought we were the only ones in the living room but then we heard a snore and it scared us so bad we ran back to our room. It was only Grandpa Pete."

"Mom had the baby. Me and Shavonne have to go to Annika's house to sleep there. For dinner, Shavonne had three tacos. She is such a pig."

"It's almost Christmas again. I'm getting an acid washed jean skirt as well as a few other things. Wanna know how I know? Kim peeked at all her presents and she peeked at mine too. She told me what she was getting. She got a hair crimper. That is so cool."

"As I write in this journal, I wonder how old I'll be when I come back and read it. Probably pretty old. Funny."

There were many more, and I had a great time reading through some of them. Later, Kimmie called me. I told her about my journal experience and she went to dig out hers to. She started reading different entries out of her journal and they were almost identical to mine. We both talked about what we had for dinner. We both put down the date, time, and place we were writing from. We both talked about trying to stay up late on Christmas eve. We used almost the same wording. Very funny. We are sisters and best friends, indeed.

One very important reason that I have this blog is for it to be a journal. It's very exciting to me to have a record of what I did, my crazy thoughts, and humorous stories about life. Thanks for being part of it.


BrittanyLane said...

That is so awesome. I laughed and laughed. I should go dig out my old journals. I religiously wrote every day from 8 years to 18 years old. It's quite a library. I haven't looked at them forever! It's so interesting to see what your thought process was at age ten or age 16. CRAZY!

Heath said...

Acid washed jean skirt huh. I remember when acid washed jeans were so cool. I am glad they are not anymore. I am glad that you and your sisters were able to share the same memories Christmas sounded like fun for you guys.
I used to wonder a lot as a kid what I would think and feel like given the same circumstances when I was older. Its nice to write things down to read them later. I should do it more.

The Girls' Mom said...

HAHAHAHa I'm just laughing to myself as I can see your face as a 10 yr old saying all these things. I like reading old journals but sometimes don't you feel so embarassed? I do there are some dumb things my ancestors are going to think are weird I'm sure.

kdaygirl said...

I think that it was funny that we wrote about the same things. Most of the time I would say what Shaina was doing but not really anyone else. My journal is ebarassing to read. What a nerd I was for sure!!!!

Ande said...

Do you think that you are pretty old reading it? Those are fun memories.

Queen of Chaos said...

I love reading my old journal enteries too! It's hilarious to read what we thought was cool or stupid.

I laughed way to hard at the entry where you got pushed away by mom at the scale. And because you thought she was pregnant! hahahahohohohohehehehe

Jen Sue Wild said...

Great memories. It is so fun to be able to look back at the younger you and rember what she was thinking..

hydee said...

loved your entry made me cry actually I had boxes and years of journals(I still journal now) but I lost mine in a move. It would be so great to be able to go back and read them.

Karen and Matt said...

Shaina, I just love you! It is so fun getting to know things about you! That is really awesome that you would share with everyone. =) I wish that I would have kept a better journal from when I was younger. That is way to funny that you and your sister wrote about the same things!!

ronee said...

ten year old thoughts are hilarious. i can totally see you thinking you are so smart writing in your journal! what a find!

Marfa said...

Remember Kim's 1980 something challenge...sounds like you've got some GREAT scrapbooking inspiration here! Those photos are great, the feathered hair...earrings. I got my ears pierced when I was 13 and it was such a BIG deal to me, too!

KJ-Starre said...

I love that you had a was wonderful reading snippets from them...thanks for sharing a bit about the mini you...I so feel privileged to have gotten a glimpse into your younger life.
I did however relate acid washed skirt....I LOVED them too & thought they were SERIOUSLY cool....together with my lady Di shoes & flicked hair hahahaha! what a thought.

I had a good giggle about the doctor's appointment...!

Sharon Carpenter said...

so funny! my favorite part was grandpa pete snoring, and shavonne's such a pig

Simply-Mel said...

This was an awesome read.

I have dug out my teen journals but am a bit nervous to post any of it cos my mom reads my blog....and she still doesnt know all the (innocent) whatnot I got up to!

Thanks for visiting my scrap blog - great to have your feedback!