Monday, September 15, 2008

Ready for School

When we were cleaning out the garage, we found this little pink backpack that Kamy used for kindergarten. Georgie deemed it hers and wore it the whole weekend.

Monday morning, when I went in to wake up Kamy for school, I tried to be as quiet as I could. I really want Georgie to stay sleeping. No reason she should have to get up at 6am. So when I told Kamy to get up, Georgie popped her head up, said "ah-right momma", got out of bed, pulled on her little backpack, put on her shoes and tried to open the front door! She was ready for school. Poor thing. She thought that because she had a back pack, that meant she was going to school with the big kids. She must have been waiting for morning, with all her excitement. I felt so bad.

I usually watch the kids walk out the door, and since the bus stop is a few houses down, I let them go by themselves. On this day, Georgie just looked so longingly at the kids, that I felt bad for her. So we walked outside to watch the kids wait for the bus. Normally, the bus is supposed to come within a few minutes of them going out, but we had to wait 30 minutes. Good grief it was late! Georgie entertained all the kids waiting by running up and down the sidewalk and giving everybody hugs.

When the bus finally came, the kids loaded up and Georgie was about 20 feet away, watching, on the sidewalk. The bus driver pulled up slowly to George, stopped, and opened the door. George, with her backpack still strapped over her nightdress, looked up at the bus driver, got excited, and started walking towards the bus, thinking she could really go!

I walked up to George and scooped her up, looked at the bus driver, and he said "Ready for school!" I said "Stop. You are teasing her!" He laughed and pulled away. Georgie looked devastated. What a thing to do. Poor girl.


kdaygirl said...

Poor Georgie... Addi feels the same way.

Queen of Chaos said...

Oh, this is too sad and sweet at the same time. :)

Spencer was the same way- he had an old backpack and wore it often. He wanted to go to school with the oldest 3 so bad. Now he's one of them!

Jen Sue Wild said...

poor girl!!!
Ben feels the same way it's so hard for him tro be the only one home.

The Girls' Mom said...

Poor Little thing! You should check out
they have tons of stuff you can print for free that she could do her own school work with and put in her backpack.

Ande said...

Poor Georgie. Hazel was sad today because she didn't get to stay with Brennan in his class.

KJ-Starre said...

Sweet little thing! It must be so hard for her to understand.

How's the bus driver's mind.....'stoopid'!

She looks adorable in your a good mini 'me' (as in you) page.