Friday, September 26, 2008

Too Intrusive

I had this guy come over today to pressure wash the outside of our house, as well as fix our doorbell. We are renting, so everything in terms of repairs has to go through our rental company. Interesting that he was commissioned to do both things. Seems odd that a pressure washing company also has 'fixing doorbells' on their repertoire. Anyway, he came today.

He knocked on the door, asked me to move my vehicles out of the driveway due to the pressure washing, and then took a quick look at where the doorbell box was. Then he went back out to his car. He seemed a friendly guy. No problem yet.

Next thing I know, he's walking in my house. Uh. This is my house. You are supposed to knock. First offense.

He doesn't bring a ladder. "Mind if I use your kitchen chair?" Hmmm. What type of repair man are you that you don't have a ladder with you? Second offense.

He walks back outside, then back inside a few times. Never once knocked. Sure thing buddy. Mi casa es su casa, right? Wrong. Another offense.

He leaves, saying that he has to run to Lowes to pick up a part. Be right back. No worries.

He comes back. Knocks on the door, and walks right in. Big problem. Fourth offense.

He goes back inside the garage, comments on the door not opening up when he pushes the button (yeah, I hear ya. Still waiting on that to get fixed) and I tell him he has to manually open the door. He is out there for a minute. I see him walk back inside through the garage and go to the front hallway where the doorbell thingy is. Then, I see this lady walk through my kitchen, tossle Georgie's hair, and disappear. Hello? Who the heck are you? Upon my questioning at another stranger in my house, walking through like she owns the place, I am introduced to the repair man's wife, who apparently, is just 'observing' for the day. Add on another offense or two for letting strangers walk through my house, and another one for how creepy she looked around my house like she was checking off valuables. [which we don't have. too bad for her]

Time goes by. The doorbell is fixed. He starts pressure washing the outside, tells me again he has to go get another part, and he leaves for about three hours.

He comes back after the kiddos are home from school, and since I had run to the store in the interim, my van was parked in the driveway. He yells from his car to Kamy to tell me to move my van so he can park there again. Strike again.

Then, he opens the front door again, after he situated his vehicle properly in my driveway, and asks to use my bathroom. Now you know what? I think that is just wrong and inappropriate. By now, there are way too many strikes to keep up with.

So he finishes the work, opens up my garage again [from the outside, which means that the last time he closed it, before my errand, he didn't lock it up] goes through it, opens the kitchen door, and yells at me to go to him. "All done. I'll be back to do the garage door too." Oh, I guess the 'pressure washing doorbell fixing walk-through-your-house repair guy' works on garages too.

Looking forward to that.


kdaygirl said...

Way to comfortable for my taste... I wonder if your managment company does background checks???

BrittanyLane said...

Ugh. Creepy. I once had a carpet cleaner turned vacuum salesman go all psycho on me when I wouldn't buy his vacuum. He actually peed all over my bathroom before he left. I was fuming for weeks.

Karen and Matt said...

I hate that. That is so creepy! Sorry you had to go through that. Yuck!

The Girls' Mom said...

GRRRR I would complain.

Ande said...

I would be filing a complaint, I am sure that you won't be the first or last to say something about him. Creepy. Make sure everything is locked, if he left the garage unlocked who knows what else was touched. Good luck when he comes back for the garage door.

melissahurst99 said...

don't you know? that is construction worker etiquette!! about 99% of construction workers are like that.

Simply-Mel said...


Is that standard practise over there? I must say when I have repair people here - I check what their requirements are and then lock them OUT my house if possible.

I am always VERY cool and make it VERY clear that they are not allowed in my space.

But then again, maybe I am just rude!!

Ick - I would raise a stink with the contract company and refuse to have him back to do the garage.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Crazy maybe it's a southern thing.. I would be mad..

I'm Always Rite said...

Okay, so that is so not "southern" it's just down right scary! I say lock your doors next time he comes over. He had no right to just trapse through your house AND bring his wife and yell at you and speak to your kids and then ask to sit his nasty butt on your clean comode!!! No, no, no... I would have told him to leave and then called the rental company and complained!

The Crockett's said...

That is terrible! My friend, Mindy, and I both HATE having repairmen over while we're alone at home so we always go over to each other's houses to chill. It just feels safer and I know Mindy would have told that guy off (I'm usually too passive to speak my mind, but it would really bug me!)!