Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween (two years ago)

In 2006 our family dressed up as a Pirate Family, with baby Georgie as our pet parrot. We were pretty cool. I found most of our costumes at a thrift store. I just tore them up, added some scarfs, and Arrrrr! Pirates! Keaton's costume was given to us, His was the only"true" costume. I used a black eyeliner pencil to pencil in the kids' eye patches.

Yes. I was wearing leather pants. Very Pirate-ish.

A few days after the church Halloween party, it was officially Halloween, and Keaton wanted a different costume. We already had this blow up superman costume, and since our Keaton wore glasses, we thought it would be pretty clever to have him be Clark Kent/Superman in mid transformation. He especially loved the little curl loop we did to his hair to make him look like Superman.

Fun memories.


April said...

Shaina that is soo cute, are you all dressing up again this year? Halloween here isn't the same as last, it's raining and my ward isn't doing a trunk or treat so we are going to my sister in laws should be fun but different. Happy Halloween.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Have a Happy Halloween!!Cant wait to see pix of tonight's costumes..

tasha said...

I remember my FAVORITE PIRATES!!!! Can't believe that was 2 years ago! Time goes too fast! I can't believe you had to move again! I'm glad you got to where you wanted but, just the packing/unpacking stuff stinks! But knowing you, you made the best of it! I miss you! Give the kids a hug from Miss Tasha! Love ya!

Julee said...

Hey Shaina, are those black leather pants your wearing?
I bet your hubby enjoyed that!!!

Nicki said...

We miss those pirates, too! I was just telling some friends yesterday about the pirate family with the little parrot on her daddy's shoulder! Can't wait to see what you came up with for this year!