Thursday, October 16, 2008

Keaton's worried

Keaton is sad to leave his school. He really loves the people in his class. Tomorrow is their last day of school here and he's a bit anxious. After I sent the kids to bed tonight, Keaton kept finding any excuse to come out. One of his excuses was to ask me this: "Mom, do people in Colorado speak the same language as we do? Sometimes people speak Spanish. Sometimes they speak England. England is a neat one, ya know." I assured him that we will understand people in Colorado just fine.

On another note, I had 5 wonderful ladies come over to help me pack up and clean up today. We successfully packed up the kitchen, random things in the garage and bedrooms, as well as washing baseboards, walls, cabinets, appliances, windows, and we even got a little painting in as well. I appreciate their help so much!!

Tomorrow I will be picking up the big moving van. Time is drawing to a close here. It's happening fast and slow at the same time. Is that possible?


Sharon Carpenter said...

oh that's cute, my heart feels for him. but you'll be so much closer!!! hurray

Lolly said...

I hope the move goes well for you guys. I'll be thinking about ya!

Queen of Chaos said...

I HATED moving so much as a child. I know exactly how his heart is hurting. I'm so sorry, little man!!

Some people can do it- some can cope all right with it... I can't. I think it's sad and cruel.
Because of moving around so much as a child I VOWED I would never marry a military man.

I'm so grateful that my children have the stability of the same friends since they were babies. And I feel the same about me too.

shaina said...

Autumn, we have made the very best friends by being in the military. I would never trade that for anything. We still have stability. We provide a loving environment for our kids. I think we all are better and stronger for it.

Besides, we actually never moved around while in the military. We stayed in one place the entire time.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Poor guy;) I hope the move is a good safe one..

courtney said...

It's nice to have people that care about you and are willing to help you pack up even though it means you will leave that much sooner!

Good luck in the move, hope nothing breaks and your trip is safe and fast!

kdaygirl said...

We made some amazing friends in our moves and I wouldnt change any of it!!

Tell Keaton that they speak "Storm Trooper"!!!!!

Ande said...

Poor Keaton, so much change. He'll like Colorado though, he seems to be good at making friends. Hope packing the moving truck goes smoothly. And the drive as well.

annaka said...

Wow! You are amazing. I can't believe you got all of that done and STILL had time to blog. What are you Wonderwoman or something!

Karen and Matt said...

Poor Keaton. Moving is so hard. Glad you had some help cleaning and packing! I hope the rest will go smoothly for you, and the drive as well! Good luck! =)

Queen of Chaos said...

Not everyone can move and feel happy and good about it in a family- that's all I'm saying. I'm SO glad we haven't. I hated it as a kid. Sure the friends and people on the way are great- but it's very hard on a family to move around so much.

My parents were excited and wouldn't have changed all the friends they made either...but us kids really suffered with the moving around so much.
Especially me.

I'm Always Rite said...

I'm so glad you have help there! Ian and I essentially packed everything on our own when we left Tennessee. :)

Keaton is adorable!

I'm so proud of you guys for making this huge change to ensure your family thrives! :)

You are in my prayers.