Friday, October 24, 2008

Kid Happenings.

If Georgie's morning bath could take on a theme song, I think it would be "I'm...too sexy for this bath...too sexy for this sexy..OH YEAH!

Today I braved the outside and went to the district office to get the kids enrolled for school. I had already filled out all the paperwork online. I just needed to show up with the kid's immunizations and birth certificates. I told Kamy to tell the people that I had lost my voice but that we needed to register for school. Instead, she walked in and said "My mom can't talk." It gives it a different connotation and I'm not sure the ladies there really knew what to think. Anyway, they helped me and we got the kiddos registered. They start on Monday!

It was a nice warm fall day today. I let Georgie go outside to jump on the trampoline with the older kids. She loved it. They are out there right now and I'm not calling them back in anytime soon. They need the exercise.

My voice is worse. Didn't think it was possible, but it is. My throat feels raw and it hurts so bad. I do have a little more energy today, so I'm hoping to do some cleanup around here.

We never did find the moving truck key so we had to call a locksmith. It cost a hundred bucks to make a key. I think if I want to rip off stranded people, I found a new profession.

Tomorrow Heath is taking the kids on a hike at Garden of the Gods. They are really excited about it. I'll be here unpacking stuff and taking a nap.


kdaygirl said...

oh what a cute Georgie!!! I want a trampoline.
It looks cold there.

dippyrooroo said...

It's so cool that there is a trampoline there! Built in entertainment! It looks beautiful, just form the trampoline shot! There is so much to do there in Colorado Springs! You guys will have tons of fun exploring it all! I'm so sorry your voice and throat are worse. Don't kill yourself trying to get everything done right away! James' next interview is in Albuquerque, NM and we're still waiting to hear from a place in Ft. Collins, so maybe it won't be too long before we get to see you again!

Kim Watson said...

Geepers how cute is Georgie!!!!! I love the shades...doll!!

Trampolines are a MUST for any both the kiddywinks & oldies alike have to jump at least once a day!....(yup! including me, I give a new meaning to the word, belly-flop :o)

Oh-boy! I KNOW intimately how you must be feeling, I was there only a couple of weeks back. If is doesn't clear up by Monday, you must go to the doc,it might be a bacterial infection.
I really, really hope you feel better soon & get to start nesting in your new home.

Lolly said...

I was actually just in your area this past march and garden of the gods is the one place I wanted to see (and did not get to). The neat thing my dear is that there is a slimmmm chance that I could be back there next year. We had a mega conference there and everyone just loved it. I did suffer pretty bad from the altitude.. I hope you guys are going to be ok. Feel better friend.

Sara said...

Hey Shaina! How's CO? I can't believe you've had snow already. I'm glad everyone arrived safe and sound! We miss you guys! Get better soon, and good luck with the unpacking. Can't wait to read more great blogs from you all!

Shavonne said...

How big is your tub?! It looks like a miniature swimming pool! I"m cold just looking at the snow that you have already. Good thing you guys already know how to drive in snow. That sucks that you couldn't find the moving van key.

Ande said...

I hope your voice comes back soon. At least you know some sign langauge. :) Glad the kids are all registered and ready to go to school. Hope you feel better.