Monday, October 13, 2008

Kid-isms by Keaton

If I could follow Keaton around all day and just listen to the different things he says, then I would be pretty happy. He comes up with the most interesting ideas. I wrote a few of then down that I have heard recently.

Keaton came back inside from playing outside. He had only been out for about half an hour. He drags his feet to the couch and says "Mom, I lost my 'play outside energy'. I think I'll just sit here for a while." Turns out that he was sick the next day. Poor guy.

Keaton hears a lot of words from the kids on the bus that he has never heard before. Most of them he can sense that they are bad. Some others, he questions. Yesterday, he asks me "Mom, can I say 'crap'?"

Keaton is a self-proclaimed "expert mathematician". He tells everyone. He is very proud of his math skills.

While waiting for dinner to be done cooking, he said "Mom, sometimes I get so hunger-sick."

Randomly, Keaton turns to me and says "I'm so glad I'm human."

After he got sick and was recovering, he says "I wish germs weren't real." Me too, buddy.


The Girls' Mom said...

He must be a super thoughtful boy, I would love to hear what he is thinking! Like I wonder what what going on in his mind when he decided he was glad he was human. AWESOME!

Heath said...

That's my boy. Love you Keaton

Ande said...

I love kids' random thoughts. They always make you laugh, or ponder sometimes us adults would never stop to think about the things they think about. what a cutie.

Sharon Carpenter said...

he's always said the funniest things, he spoke chinese when he was little... "oh shesha, and ysing"

courtney said...

That is very sweet!

I love when kids say the darnest things. said...

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Thanks so much for entering! I wish germs weren't real too! So funny!

Jenny said...

What a cutie. I love it when the kids say such adorable things...I also use to get a kick out of them having conversations with each other when they were 2-5years old...riot!

kdaygirl said...

Kids seem to have a language all their own. To bad we grow out of it huh?

Jen Sue Wild said...

Cute cute cute.. I love the things kids say..