Friday, October 31, 2008

New words with a whole lot of cuteness.

We get to take Kolby to school every afternoon. It's been in the 70's here and super lovely. I love how she wants to hold my hand. If I get away from her a step or two, she says "Momma!! Wait. Sow down!!" and then when she reaches me, she says "Oh-right momma. Go!" (Her most used word is "oh-right", which is "alright". She says it all the time and with her little voice, it's so dang cute.")

She was carrying a plastic toy ball. She never tried to throw it. Just wanted to keep it with her during our walk. A few times it slipped out of her little grasp. She would look up at me and say "Oh No Momma!! My baw. My baw!" Then she would wiggle so cutely over to pick up the ball, grab my hand again, and say again "Oh-right momma. Go!" She is so much fun.

She calls Kolby "Bo-Bee" and when he left us to go wait in line with his class, she says "Where is Bo-Bee go?" I told her he is going to school. "Oh. Oh-right."

She's gotten into asking me what's for dinner when I'm in the kitchen. Doesn't matter what time of day it is; when I'm making something, she calls it dinner. "What is you make deen-or, momma?" Yesterday, I made banana bread. Both her and Bo-Bee thought it was delicious.

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