Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Traveling Top Ten

1. All of the planning in the world pertaining to your road trip timeline doesn't mean a thing if you can't even go the speed limit on the freeway. Heath was driving the big moving truck and on a downhill, or a good flat stretch, he could go 70 mph. So we felt like we were taking an afternoon drive compared to all the speedsters on the road. The only good thing about that was that when we saw a cop hidden on the side of the road, we did not feel any stress, we did not pump our breaks a bit or nervously glance in the rear view mirror. We were good to go. It was refreshing.

2. I found out that packing 4 outfits each for everyone doesn't quite cut it when a two day road trip turns into three, plus a day to unload, plus multiple spills, accidents, and messes in the car. Not enough clothes. Lesson learned.

3. If you ever want to cook up some roadkill, I suggest you visit the lovely state of Illinois. During our short jaunt through the edge of the state, we saw more roadkill than I've ever seen in my whole life. It was crazy. Just about every other mile we saw some poor animal dead across the road. It was messy and yucky and they really need to do some major cleanup along the freeway. In Heath's words, "It was ILLannoying".

4. If your life's ambition is opening up an adult bookstore, then I suggest you visit Missouri. You could be in the middle of nowhere and there would be an exit off the freeway. No Services available. You outta gas? You hungry? You gotta go to the bathroom? We can't help you. However, we've got a lovely little shack we like to call the "Lion's Den", full of all the adult content you can dream about, and even more you couldn't even imagine. These stores were just as populous as the roadkill was in Illinois. Looks like both states need to do some cleanup.
The nice thing about driving through Missouri was getting to stop at a broken down gas station to say hi to my sister Rebekah and her family. They are moving back to Washington this week, so it was nice to catch each other. We arrived within 30 seconds of eachother, chatted for about 20 minutes, and then took off again.

5. It's a good thing we have free mobile to mobile. For a while there, Heath was calling about as often as we saw roadkill in Illinois. "Hey babes. You look pretty cute driving." or "You need anything at the Lion's Den." or " Whoa! That Semi-truck has an attitude!" or "We are now one state closer to Colorado!" All teasing aside, he didn't have a radio or anything to listen to in the moving truck, so he had to occupy himself some way.

And then...we made it to Colorado!

6. On our last 56 mile stretch, we got off the freeway and traveled on a highway until we got to Colorado Springs. The last leg always seems to take forever, but it was especially slow-going with psycho-slow driver in front of us. He was going about 15 miles lower than the speed limit, and when meandering through the small towns where the speed limit lowered to 35 mph, he was going under 20 mph. So irritatingly frustrating. Come on!! Don't you realize we've spent three long days on the road and are anxious to get to our new home!! The short turning lanes couldn't even help us, what with Heath not being able to get up enough speed with the big truck. However, because we were going so slow, I was able to note the quaint little towns that offered an oil change and a large peperoni pizza all in one convenient place of business.
7. My voice got notably worse every hour of the drive. The cough, the sore throat, the sinus pressure, and the congestion are just too much for me to take on right now. But I guess that doesn't matter. I can't speak. I can barely whisper, and if I try, the coughing fit takes over. I'm pretty pathetic right now. Hopefully it will clear up by Monday and I can get the kids enrolled in school and carry on a normal conversation. Heath has been extra attentive to me and even got up 2 or 3 times last night to make me some herbal tea with honey and lemon to help my throat.

8. It's hard to give everyone a bath when the towels are somewhere deep in the abyss of the moving van.
9. We unloaded everything yesterday and the moving van needs to go back today or we are charged a hefty fee of a 100 bucks/day. We have one small problem. We can't find the key to the truck. Imagine looking through a house that is loaded haphazardously with boxes and bags and clothes. Try finding one little key in all that mess. I think we are doomed.

10. We woke up to snow the morning after we got here. The kids loved it. We only had sweatshirts for them to wear (coats are in a box somewhere) but they didn't mind. They froze, but they had a great time. This house came with a trampoline, and it was a great surprise for them.

Nothing more for today.


Tay and Krissy said...

YEA! I'm so glad you guys made it there safely! Maybe sometime you guys can take a roadtrip down to good ole AZ to thaw out a bit. Tell Heath hi! :)

kdaygirl said...

I can feel how close u are its great!!! The kids are going to love having a white Christmas this year for sure!!!

kdaygirl said...
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BrittanyLane said...

I do not envy your journey. We only moved four hours away and I thought its was an ordeal. Congratulations on arriving and good luck with the unpacking and the search for the keys!

Jenny said...

Glad you made it there safely. We have made many road trips with the kids throughout the last 6+ years and it IS FUN to look back later and laugh. Moving is stressful (I have moved 15 times in the last 14 years...I know!), but you learn something new and helpful every time you do it. You become more appreciative of things you hadn't been before. You miss things you thought you never would. It brings the family closer. You become more adventurous. You are able to work on patience, your temper, your driving ability, your ability to go without sleep, your ability to go without sleep and drive :). I have found that I am an excellent packer now and unpacker. Not something I would have thought when I moved away from home 14years ago.
Keep us posted on your “settling in”.

melissahurst99 said...

I am so glad you guys made it safely. Heath sounds like Marcus on our last long move. Calling every 10 minutes to say something funny! haha I can't wait to see pics of your new house!!

Karen and Matt said...

Hey I'm so glad you made it safely! I'm sorry that you are sick. Hope you feel better! Good luck on unpacking and getting settled too. =)

Ande said...

Glad you guys made it safe, and before the snow started falling. Moving Trucks not so great in the snow. Did you find the key yet? I hope so. have fun unpacking and decorating.

The Girls' Mom said...

That was so sweet of your hubby to bolster your self-esteem. Travelling is enough to make you feel awful looking but sick too would have kept me hiding in the car. I'm sorry you feel so bad, but is sounds like you are in good hands. I;m still wondering who is driving down the raod in the middle of no where and decides they need porn??? Who saw that need and opened the store??? Maybe they have wierd zoning laws and the voters say keep it way our of our back yard. Get better soon and we look forward to all the pictures as you settle in.

I'm Always Rite said...

What an adventure! :) I'm so glad you made it there safely. I only hope you all get to feeling better fast! How cool that you got to see your sister on the road, even for a short pitstop. :) Did you find the van key? I'm so jealous of the snow, but honestly I'm appreciating clear skies here because they mean I'm not condemned to the elliptical in the garage for my daily walk/run time. :) Anyway, glad you're there! Thanks for sharing the adventure with us all! :)

Jen Sue Wild said...

I hope you feel better soon!! Sounds like we have the same yuckey cold..

I am glad to hear that you are in CO safe and sound..

Ryan said...

You did it! And most of it on your own--You are Woman! Hope you feel better soon--how fun to have a trampoline included with the house!--This is Nicki

Chloe said...

Did you ever find that key?

The Crockett's said...

Hooray! Glad it's over! Glad you're safe! We're excited you guys are close enough to visit now. I think we're getting the same cold, Yuck! Hope you can start settling in and get comfortable now that you're all together.

Kim Watson said...

Oh I am so grateful that you got there safe & sound....clothes or no clothes :o)

So sorry you are sick! It is awful...I know, especially when you lose your voice.
The trick is to rather talk in a whisker than shouting to 'get more volume', it only damages your larynx more & gargle with salt water. As a singer...I have had darn laryngitis more times that I can say.
Big hug!