Friday, October 10, 2008

Playing Hookie

Sometimes its fun to play hookie. It's unexpected. It's anticipatory. It's also a bit contagious. Especially when you have two friends that are feeling the need to break the rules a little bit too.

Last year at this time, my old ward in California was having a Fabulous Friday. It was like a Super Saturday, in that you sign up to make certain crafts or whatnot, and you go to the church and make them. I wasn't feeling the groove for any of the projects, so I didn't sign up for any. That night, two of my girlfriends (Nicki and Heidi) and I decided to go to Six Flags for the evening instead. We didn't tell anyone, but you know how rumors go. Everyone knew that we had played hookie. Afterwards, I got a lot of grief about it too, but I wouldn't change a thing. I had a blast that night, running around the theme park, going on all the roller coasters in the dark, and because it was right before Halloween, there was extra spookiness in the air that made it so fun.

The night started off great. We all looked good. Here is a picture.

We made it to the first roller coaster before the downpour started. It rained long and hard. Have you ever been on a roller coaster in the rain AND when it's completely dark outside? SO MUCH FUN! Everything feels much more alive and vivid, even though you can't see anything. You should try it sometime. Anyway, so much for doing my hair and makeup! The rest of the pictures are a little less than glamorous but we had such a good time.

The ride in the picture above shot you out like a bullet right from the start and then zipped you back backwards. We went on it twice. So much fun.

So this was us at the end of the night. We had gotten rained on so many times and twirled around in the rides that we felt like we had been in a washing machine for a few hours.

The last ride did us in, though. It was this 3-D mining ride and it instantly made me car sick. I stopped watching the screen, took off the lovely yellow glasses, and since I couldn't get out of the rocking seat, I just watched the ground. Heidi wasn't so lucky. She kept on watching and she ended up getting sick. Both of us walked away from that ride and went straight for the bathrooms. This picture was taken right afterward. Yeah. Not a very glamorous shot. We didn't feel very glamorous at the moment.

But hey, life isn't always peaches and cream, right? And by the way, I look like a giant in these pictures, but really, Heidi is one little lady. Aren't ya Heidi?
So it's fun to break the rules a bit every now and then. I suggest you try it and tell me all about it.


Shavonne said...

Only once did I play hookie from school, and it was on Senior Skip day. Even though it was expected, I felt guilty! Sounds like you guys had fun though, I've never been on a roller coaster when it rained. I think I'd be afraid it'd slip off the tracks!

kdaygirl said...

We had enrichent on Thursdays and I skipped with a fellow enrichment commitee member to eat pita pit sandwiches, cold stone and watch survivor....It was great!

Karen and Matt said...

Fun!!! Playing hookie is great! Looks like you had a total blast too! I don't think I could have handled that last ride you guys went on very well either. It makes me sick thinking about it. Yuck!!! =)

Megan said...

FUN! I wish I had a 6 flags near me to play hookie at! Which one did you go to? I grew up going to Great America and Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk.

I'm Always Rite said...

What a fabulous night! I wish I had been there. I totally would have ditched the crafty projects for Six Flags with you girls! :)

I miss you guys like mad! :\

Jen Sue Wild said...

I agree.. Hookie is very fun. In fact I played it last night. I had a Church meeting last night went to the first half left the second half and walked around Target for an hour and not one moment of guilt.

BrittanyLane said...

I love 6 flags! You're so lucky to be close to one! Do they still have "The Viper"? I haven't been since I was a kid. So in high school I had this art class without a lot of "supervision", so my friend and I would often sneak out for a "bagel run". No one ever noticed. Good times.

melissahurst99 said...

That sounds like you guys had a blast!! I miss doing fun spontaneous things with friends, heck, I miss having friends!! LOL!! I got my prize today and LOVE them!!! I can't wait until sunday to wear them!

KJ-Starre said...

Hahahaha! your photo sequence is so funny & so great! From glam to grim...ooh! that last ride must have been a clanger...I can almost feel your pain! I also love that on a hooky night you guys go to the theme type of gals night :o)

Wish we lived closer :o)