Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still here

Still alive.

I'm trying not to do too much. I still feel really tired and worn out, but I can breathe normally now. That is a huge plus! Also, my sore throat is gone. Hallelujah!!

I'm unpacking slowly. Normally within a week I am completely unpacked but I don't see that happening this time. However, things are getting put away. I actually hung up some curtains today. It instantly made the room feel "moved in".

Right about now, one week ago, we moved here. Well, we arrived here. I have only been out of the house a few times due to the illness, but already I know where two malls are, two Hobby Lobby's, a walmart supercenter, a costco, and a cute little diner that offers 5 cent hamburger Wednesdays and "kids eat free" Mondays. We don't go out very often, but I really have a weakness for diners. They are so retro and fun.

Getting back to work now. Thanks for sticking around even though I haven't posted very much lately.


courtney said...

I am glad that you are feeling better! It is no fun being sick. Mom called me because she thought I had pnemonia too. I just had a bad cold.

I looked up how far away you are and it is only about a 10 hour drive. So hopefully we will get to come visit you more often!

Oh, mom and dad are coming for thanksgiving and you are welcome to come too, though I know traveling is hard.

kdaygirl said...

Whats a Hobby Lobby Na? And how can a hamburger possibly be only 5 cents?

Kim Watson said...

I am so happy you are taking things slowly...& you are feeling a bit better.

Seems as if you have found all the really important places....anything else can wait.
We love diners too...there aren't any here in SA but there were a ton in Canada when we were there.
I think of you guys often & hope you are settling in nicely!
How are the kids liking their new schools?

Jen Sue Wild said...

I am glad you are still alive.. I cantwait to see pix of the house Heath picked out..

I'm Always Rite said...

Glad you're up and running. :)I'm usually all settled within a week too, but this move has been weird. We've been here for over two months and I just got our curtains hung yesterday! :o We're finally pretty much settled though and it feels good!

I love diners too! There's this great diner in Fairborn. Superman and I went there for lunch one day and it is so groovy and some of the best diner food ever! WE also drove an hour to Springfield to go to another diner that was pretty fantastic too! Diners are my favorite! :)

LollyChops said...

As long as you know where the hobby lobby is - you are gonna be fine.

I have been worried about ya. Glad to see you are pulling through and starting to feel better.