Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Winner, nice bum, and vinegar water...

What do those three have in common? They are all part of my day today.

First off, the winner from yesterday's giveaway. I put all the names on a slip of paper, closed my eyes, mixed them up and drew a name. Congratulations Melissa Hurst! You are the winner of the bracelet and earrings. Email me your address and I'll get them sent out to you.

Secondly, the nice bum does not belong to me. We celebrated Heath's birthday and one of the things he got was a pair of jeans. I am always trying to get Heath to wear cool jeans, but most of the time he picks out very basic jeans. So last time I was at Ross, I found some jeans that I hoped he would like. I made him close his eyes as he put them on and then let him see them. They fit him nice and his bum looks really good in it. I've always thought he had a nice bum. Anyway, what do you think?

"Why are you taking my picture, woman!"

Now, on to the last bit of my day: Vinegar water. Georgie woke up sick and has been throwing up all morning. Poor thing. I'm hoping it's just a quick bug. She looks so pathetic when she's sick. I feel so bad.

She's been cuddling up to me all morning and as much as I loved it, I was really hoping I wouldn't get sick too! So I went to the kitchen and made vinegar water. This is something my mom made us all take when we were growing up. If you drank it, you wouldn't get sick. If you didn't drink it, well, too bad for you. You may or may not have gotten sick, but chances were that you would.

I absolutely hate drinking vinegar water! It's half a cup of water, a cap full of vinegar, and a pinch of sugar to make it bearable. I plug my nose and drink it as fast as I can. The vinegar changes the pH balance in your tummy so you don't get sick. If you wait and wait to drink it and do it when you are already sick, then it will just make you throw up. So the trick is to drink it BEFORE you feel any symptoms. Most of the time, it will work it's magic. The whole household will be sick and you will be just fine.

I still hate vinegar water. Hate it hate it HATE it! But I drank it and I hope I won't get sick. I encouraged Heath to drink it, especially with him leaving Friday to start his new job, but he refused. Hope he doesn't get sick. There will be an "I told ya so" if he does.


I'm Always Rite said...

I have never hear of drinking vinegar water, but I will try it if/when we get the stomach bug again, as long as I'm not the first one sick. :\

PS Cool jeans for HEath... right on! :)

Karen and Matt said...

I haven't heard of drinking vinegar water either, but I will definately keep it mind when and if the stomach bug. I absolutely hate throwing up, it scares me so bad. Weird huh?! I hope Georgie will feel better soon! She does look so sad and sick in the picture, poor thing. Congrats to the winner on the giveaway! I like the jeans you got for Heath, very cool!!! Nice bum! =)

Jen Sue Wild said...

Vinegar water humm I will have to try this one..
My sweet girl I hope you get better soon.

Shaina shame on you trying to get me to look at another mans bumm. I just don't know about that I don't think my Bishop will approve Or Dale for that matter.

Happy birthday Heath

The Girls' Mom said...

Nice jeans Heath, You should always obey your wife- she would never dress you poorly! I've never heard of vinegar water either, sounds interesting, does it work for carsick kids???

shaina said...

Bethany, ginger pills work the same as dramamine, and costs less. The only trouble is getting them to swallow the pills. They do have chewable dramamine for kids, which is what Kamy uses everytime we take a trip.

Ande said...

I hope that George is feeling better. Tom drinks straight vinegar, makes me want to gag. Love the jeans, Tom finally started caring what his look like. Poor Heath, having his bum looked at by tons of women. Of course it is better than the hospital photo of Tom. Ha ha!!!

Queen of Chaos said...

Nice jeans! Nice bum!

KJ-Starre said...

OK so I am slack...hideously slack....for not commenting on your last informatively written posts. I have this blog reader thing...& it has made me lazy...SORRY!!! I had a good chuckle at plenty though at your seriously weird repair man of many things...seriously the wife tousled Georgie's hair as she pasted through. Ummm my friend I have to say you have the patience of Job...I think if it was me I would have gone ballistic!!! at offense no 3. Yikes what a drama!!

Happy birthday Heath!! She takes pictures of your butt because she thinks it is darn cute clad in jeans.....this is a good thing!

I know the vinegar thing too...we used to have to take a teaspoon neat for stomach cramps. After teaspoon no 10 you sort of get used to it hey?
Hugs to your clan...when is the big move or did I miss it & I now have both my feet in my mouth??

Lucy said...

Oh, I hate when I miss your give aways!!!! What a beautiful set. I can't believe you drank vinegar water. We've had some vinegar out on the counter to get rid of our fruit flies--just the smell makes me sick. So, I was wondering what the book was from Mr. Darcy's point of view--I'd love to read it. (This is Nicki, now my sister in law gets on too. . .)

melissahurst99 said...

I like the jeans. Marcus got some new jeans for his birthday this year also, I have the same problem with him picking out the same old thing.

I'm Always Rite said...

Today when I went tutoring at Little Man's school I discovered that there is a stomach bug going around. The girl I tutor even threw up this morning. :\ When I got home I tried your vinegar thing. I nearly threw up after the 3rd chug. I don't know how you do it! You must be Iron Woman! I honestly think I'd rather get the bug than ever drink vinegar water again... EVER! ;)