Thursday, November 13, 2008

Heath's journey to the top of the world!

Pikes Peak is the most visited mountain in the United States, and the next most visited in the world, second to Mt. Fuji in Japan. It stands over 14,000 feet high and boasts the longest hiking trail of any of the magnificent Colorado Mountains. The trail from the base of the mountain to the summit is 14 miles. Last weekend, Heath decided to go for it. "Pikes Peak or Bust!"

He went with a friend from work and although their goal wasn't to climb to the top, it was still a day full of fatigue. About 7 miles into the climb is a camp called "Barr Camp". This camp was the destination for the day. With snow already atop the mountain, we thought it wise to wait until summer to conquer that feat.
One feature about this camp is that it is often used as a stopover campground for people of all ages to rest for the night, have a big spaghetti dinner, refill their water, sleep on cots, and wake up to the smell of pancakes before finishing their journey to the summit. Heath really wants us to do this together next year. He doesn't hold much faith in my hiking abilities, but he didn't know how much hiking I did during my youth. Second nature to me. I really do love it....just haven't done it in a few years! As much as I love hiking in the mountains, I'm looking forward to warmer temperatures before I make that particular hike!

Anyway, Heath climbed up to the Barr Camp and then back down last Saturday. He had a great time. It was 7 miles up and 7 miles down. Here are a few pictures from his journey.
Starting off...temperatures are still pleasant.
Getting closer to Pikes Peak with every step.
Getting closer and closer....
Here is the walkway up to the Barr Camp. Even though it didn't have snow yet, the streams were completely frozen over.

Heath said he was so happy to see that camp!

Then they headed back down the mountain after one last look at the city below.


kdaygirl said...

Wow thats really cool. I am totally up for it when we come visit!

Sharon said...

heath must totally be lovin' Colorado with all this scenic stuff, and hikes and winlderness

Karen and Matt said...

That is so awesome! Hiking is a blast! I love the feeling of getting to the top, knowing that I accomplished somthing. I don't blame you one bit for wanting to wait till it's warmer to do the hike!!! =)

The Girls' Mom said...

very cool!

BrittanyLane said...

There are just so many cool things in Colorado! My sister in law just moved there and they have been sight seeing solid for two months. Last week they went to the mint.

Jen Sue Wild said...

How fun foe him.. maybe one day he will make it to the top!!