Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hiking to Pikes Peak with the kids...(lots of pictures)

Well, the title is a little deceiving. Although Keaton told every single person that we met up with on the trail that "We are hiking to Pike's Peak and we're going to see the whole entire world!"...we did not make it that far. We only went about two miles up the trail, but it was enough for the kids. Well, who am I kidding. It was enough for me too. It's been a while since I've gone hiking.

We took a picture at the base of the trail.
It started off really cold. We were all bundled up in layers but we were freezing. I told Heath I thought it might be too cold for the kids, but he said it would warm up on the trail. He was right. Within 20 minutes we were shedding off our jackets.

I had to document myself on this trip too. Heath kept saying "Babes..put away the camera!" Georgie was walking at the start, but it wasn't long before she found a permanent place on her daddy's shoulders. I tried carrying her for about 20 seconds, then I put her down. I was glad Heath was willing to carry her.

If we came upon any trouble, there was no need to fear. We had the Sheriff with us.

Kamy was excited about the hiking trail.

Had to take a picture with Kolby. He loved hiking.
Georgie liked climbing all the rocks alongside the trail.

Someone offered to take a picture for us on the trail. It was a busy trail that day. We saw people passing us or going back down the trail just about every minute or so. Everyone was so nice to the kids, and thought it was great that we were out together as a family.

Then, we reached the top. Well, we reached the place where we were stopping, probably about 2 miles up. The kids were very tired, but energy quickly returned on the way down. They were flying down the trails!

Here's a short video from our trip. Not too exciting. There's no cool music to go with it, but it gives you an idea of the trail through the mountain.

..So, anyone wanna come visit us now?


Jen Sue Wild said...

Looks like you all had a great day!! Love all the pix..

Carolann said...

I've not read your blog in FOREVER! You are so interesting to read about. I miss you!

That night with Heath at the movies sounds hilarious. I didn't know he was so funny.

And that purse! I would have never doubted you for a second. you can do amazing things and are only in my dreams. Hope your new place is treating you great!

Monti said...

Shaina, I hope you guy's are loving CO. It looks like it with the pictures and things. I always thought it would be a great place to live, but most of my dealings with Colorado Springs was driving through it. Is all you envisioned? Curious, how are the people there?

I'm Always Rite said...

You guys are so cool! It is so good to see you out and about! :)

Heath's little hostage bit at the end of the video cracks me up! :)

Miss you guys! :)

Heath said...

Monti Colorado Springs so far has proven to be a great place for us. As for the people they are really nice, in general, I say that because it is a little bit of a melting pot with all of the bases around. And they seem to be less complicated and easy to talk to, which I find refreshing. And of course I love the mountains here.

Kim Watson said...

Oh my goodness...your clip was so cool to watch....twice :o) I LOVE all your accents & your hike looked like such a lot of fun!

I feel like we went with you....heehee! Did I say I loved your video clip...oh I did. Good!!