Friday, November 14, 2008

I sent my kids to school like this:

You can't tell in the picture but it's really swirling around out there. The wind is blowing and the snow is going! My kids were so excited; their first official snow is here! They've got their puffy jackets on, their scarfs, hats, and gloves. What a fun day for them.

Kolby wanted to walk to school with them too. He'll have to wait a few hours.

Georgie will have to wait a few years.

However, we will all get to eat lunch today at school. Today is Turkey Day and they are having a full blown feast at school. We all have tickets to eat lunch. Families are included. The only minor complication I have, is that all the grades eat at different times. That means, in order for my kids to have a parent eat with each of them, I was going to have to buy lots of meal tickets for myself and Georgie! But I think I outsmarted the system. We will have one meal with each kid, and Georgie and I will share it. By the end of the lunch day, we will be stuffed, for sure.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!


I'm Always Rite said...

Wow! What a difference from the winter you would have had in Charleston i.e.rainy and warm! :) It's supposed to snow here on Monday! :)

Turkey Day at shcool sounds like so much fun! I can't wait for ours!

I am so totally psyched about Bond! Superman gets home tonight and I already have a babysitter lined up for tomorrow night so he and I can see it! Yaye! :)

Will you and Heath be seeing it together? I hope so! :)

kdaygirl said...

Cute pics of the kids. You can tell they really want to go out in the snow. We have a nice sunny day. A high of 57? I think that u guys are getting the storm that we had. It was rain here, snow there! I think that u are going to have a white Christmas for sure!

The Girls' Mom said...

I don't envy your snow, although not having snow makes it difficult to get into the holiday spirit. I hope you don't get sick of Turkey dinner before turkey Day!!! BTW thanks for the Fringe plug a while ago I LOVE it.

dippyrooroo said...

Turkey day sounds like great fun! Stay cozy and warm!

BrittanyLane said...

Welcome to the Rockies! I know some people dread it, but I LOVE the snow.

Elise said...

Wow snow already. So weird when we are 80 here. But what fun to play in the snow and build snowmen and women. How was Turkey Day?

Ande said...

I remember those days. They will be dreading it after awhile. Brr... Hope you had fun eating all of that food. Yikes, you would think that they would be nice and let you just sit with them. Or have your meal in courses.

Kim Watson said...

Oh my it looks like so much fun! Reminds me of our Canadian trip last December. The kids joy is evident on their faces.

Turkey dinner 3 times....heehee! you are gonna be stuffed. What a fantastic idea...only in the USA though :o)Here schools don't have cafeterias.

Heaths pic's from the top of the world were quite something...what an amazing experience.
Hope you are having a great Saturday!

Queen of Chaos said...

These pictures remind me of the movie 'A Christmas Story' when the mom bundles up Ralphie's little brother as big as a tick ready to pop. hahaha

I think snow is so pretty. I especially love watching children play in it. But I'm SO HAPPY we don't live where it snows. We just drive 2 hours north and go sleding then back home for clear roads and mild temps. It's the BEST.

Jenny said...

I am jealous. I am from Alaska so of course I would be! We would love snow and are wishing for it here, but hate the "snow day" affect it has because of the city's inability to deal with the cold. Our solution is to wish for the snow on the weekends!

Valerie said...

I love the window shots!! My kids love the snow too! Hope you all had fun with it!!

tasha said...

Shaina, I love the pics of Kolby and Kennedy looking out the window and longing for their turn! You always capture such meaning in your pictures! I miss you!