Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight Happenings...

So...we went.

While we were waiting outside the theater to go in, we met up with some teenie boppers. The girls were so excited about the movie, that it was oozing from them. Heath played up to it. He said "Aren't you sooooo excited to see this movie?"

The girls all smiled and said something like "Oh my gosh!! I've seen it, like, twice already. It is sooooo good!"

Heath: "The books are so great, aren't they? I cool. So who do you want Bella to end up with more? Edward or Jacob?"

Girls: "Oh, totally Edward!"

This went on for a little bit and I was trying not to laugh. It was so funny.

When we got in the theater, and the previews finished...the movie was about to start. I nudged Heath and dared him to, when the movie started, to stand up and start screaming for Edward. I don't think there were any other men there... It wasn't a packed theater, but we could hear all the teenagers behind us.

So, when it started, I hear Heath say with a major swooning voice: "Oh, Edward!" I don't know how many people heard him, but I thought it was pretty funny.

Then, after the movie (I'll talk about that in a minute...) the clean-up guys came in to get the room ready for the next showing, and he said to one guy "Dude, you totally missed the best movie ever! It was so great!" Then he gave him a big thumbs up and held it, with a huge smile on his face. I don't think the cleanup guy was very much interested in the movie.

Sometimes, my husband can be pretty funny. I loved it.

Ok, so the movie. Here are my quick thoughts for those of you who haven't seen it.

-Jasper's character was totally terrible. I bad. Just terrible.

-The actor who played Carlisle was awful. I think he was trying to ooze beauty and failed miserably. Also, he was really overdone with the makeup.

-Many special effects were severely lacking in quality and realism.

-I loved Victoria. I think they got her spot on. James did a great job too.

-The movie wasn't terrible. Just underfunded, I think. It could have been so much better.

-All the actors portraying high school students need to go take more acting classes.

-So, Heath liked it pretty well. I went into it with low expectations, and just enjoyed the movie for what it was.

-I hope future movies will be much much better.


BrittanyLane said...

I totally agree with all comments. Even though this one had it's problems I really hope they make the next movie. That's awesome that Heath is game for the chick flicks.

Rayna said...

yeah, that's what I figured. They'll see how interested everyone is and put more $ in to the next one.

I'm Always Rite said...

I wish that you and Heath and Superman and I could have gone together. It would have been a hoot. :)

Megan said...

I had similar views. I like it but was disappointed. Especially with Jasper!! Yuck he was too gay looking. I hated that Alice didn't dress her up for the prom and they totally messed up that whole scene. Plus so much was just cut out. But I would be willing to see it again. I wonder if they will make the whole series?

melissahurst99 said...

I agree about Jasper!! LOL! I couldn't help but laugh everytime I saw him! I think that the acting will get better and better just like in Harry Potter. If you watch the first ones and then the last one, way different!!

Heath said...

I would have never seen the movie if Shaina hadn't read me the books. She is good at it too she even does the voices of each character which I tried but found I couldn't do at all, so I owe it to her to getting me interested in the books. I just got tired of her being unavailable for three days when another book would come out. As for the movie Edward Bella and Jacob weren't bad but Jasper was one of the biggest disappointments, he is supposed to exude confidence from his fighting experience and give you a feeling of calm. His role of a passive aggressive metro Edward Scissor Hands did the total opposite. But at least they made a movie. Hopefully the next one will be better.

The Brewers said...

Did you totally think Jasper looked like Edward Scissorhands?!?!?!

jkerbe1 said...

Shaina, I had the same exact thoughts as you. James and Victoria awesome! Carlisle and Rosalie so horrible. Poor acting and low budget. Maybe they'll have more money for the next movie. I was a little disappointed overall. -Suzanne