Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Have you heard of the Snow Fairy?

Keaton came home from school yesterday talking nonstop about the Snow Fairy. According to his teacher, he had to wear his pajamas backwards to bed last night, so that the "Snow Fairy will tell the sky to snow SO MUCH, that we won't have to go to school tomorrow, and it will be a snow day".

Sounds to me like his teacher just didn't want to work today! (that's Kolby in the background, realizing his mistake, and turning his pajamas backwards.)

On a totally unrelated subject, I found these roosters at Goodwill yesterday for two dollars each. I'm thinking that I love roosters now. The colors go so nicely with my decor. These bad boys are ruling the kitchen roost right now. Aren't they cool?

By the way, school is open. No snow for the Snow Fairy, or for Keaton's teacher.


Jana said...

I have heard of the Snow Fairy. When we lived up in northern Arizona it snowed. My girls believed in the Snow Fairy because when they wore their pjs inside out it would snow. I am sure it is a coinciede. Have a great day.

Shavonne said...

I have always like roosters and chickens too, but Derek said I couldn't decorate our kitchen that way. Mybe now he will because you like them too!

I'm Always Rite said...

Cute roosters!
Tell the boys their backwards pj's worked for my munchkins. No school today for the school board's fear of icy roads. We went bowling and ice skating instead! :)