Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Flashback in Pictures

Remember when I posted THESE pictures of Heath? I still have a grumpy husband over that post. Well, I'm redeeming myself with this picture, taken the year prior. Heath thinks it's the best picture ever taken of him.

See? Not so bad. Just for laughs, I'll show you what he wrote on the back side of that picture.

I have mentioned before how much I think Kamy and George are twins, born 5 years apart. They are really identical in their manerisms, talents, and in their looks, as you can tell in this picture. It was taken in 2002, and we just had Kamy and Keaton. See how much Kamy looks like George...or George looks like Kamy, I should say.

And just a week or so ago, I posted this Post about my sister Shavonne's birthday. I mentioned the Naked Indian Statue that is on campus at BYU. Here is a picture I took of Shavonne with the Naked Indian.

He turned many a head of the co-eds that walked by.

Just for fun, here are two more pictures from that same day, at some of the other statues around campus.


Nicki said...

Oh, I've missed checking in here--sorry I was so lame over Christmas. . . You have been BUSY! I love all those homemade gifts you made. I need you here to teach me some of it. I tried calling but will try again. Respectfully yours:) XO

Colleen said...

I love those old photos! We all looked so dorky back then, but those were good times, no?! And that note on the back...so precious! What a gentleman!