Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SuperHero Cape Tutorial

Alrighty. Ya ready to make a super sweet cape for your little guy? It's very easy to do. Here are the supplies you will need.

1 yard each of two different choices of material. I chose a fire print, and a coordinating red print.
1 pkg of double fold bias tape in coordinating color. (3 yrds long)
Thread, pins, and scissors.
(seam allowance is 1/4'')

Cut one piece 28" wide x 37" tall from each fabric. (I like the capes to be nice and long. If you want to make one smaller, just adjust the measurements.)

Next, cut one long strip from whichever fabric you want, measuring 3 1/2" wide x 37" long. This will make the straps to tie around their neck.

Ok. Ready to get started? Take your long strap piece and fold in half, wrong sides together, lengthwise. Press with your iron. Open up the seam, and fold each half to the center. Press. Then fold in half lengthwise again, so it looks like your bias tape. Set aside.

Take your two big pieces of material and lining up right sides together, sew down the sides and the bottom of the cape. Leave the entire top side of the cape alone. So you are only sewing 3 sides right now.

Clip your corners and turn the cape right side out. Press with your iron to get all the seams straight. Then, take your bias tape that you bought, and sew it onto the same three edges that you just sewed.

This is what it should look like now. Three finished sides, and the top side of the cape still untouched.

Turning your stitch length to 5, sew across the top of the cape, leaving a long tail of thread at the beginning and end. Do not backstitch! Now, take one piece of thread from an edge and gently start pulling on the thread, gathering the fabric across the length, as you go. Keep gathering until the top looks like this.

Now here's a bit of a tricky part. While still holding the string taunt, so your gathering doesn't loosen up, find the middle of your folded and pressed strap and pin it to the middle of the gathered top. Work your way to the edge of the cape, by pinning the strap across the top.

Once it is all pinned, starting at the edge of the cape (not the end of the strap), sew along, across the top of the cape, going slowly. There are a lot of gathers to sew through, so take your time. Remove pins as you go. Don't sew over them. It will ruin your machine.

Continue down the length of the strap after you sew across the cape. At the end of the strap, fold in the tip so it makes a nice point. Sew to the end of the strap. Then do the same for the end of the other strap.

And that is the end of the tutorial! You are done with your cape. Turn to your son, who was asking you every 5 minutes if you were done making his super cool cape, and tie it around his neck. You made him so happy. You even have enough material left to make his teddy bear a matching cape, or to make him a cool mask.

If you make one, please tell me so we can all go admire it on your blog.


Holmes Home said...

You make it look so easy! If I could find my sewing machine, maybe I could try it :)

kdaygirl said...

Thanks for posting this, if I get brave I might give it a try!

I'm Always Rite said...

Little Man is getting more and more interested in Superman... A cape may be in the near future for us. I'll keep you posted. :) said...

Oh this is fabulous! I love the fabric choice and your model is fantastic!

HomeSpun Threads said...

I have a friend whose nephew was strangled by his cape because it was tied around his neck so I make my little ones capes with ripper snaps and elastic. I just LOVE little boys in capes.

shaina said...

I agree. You can totally make the straps shorter and sew velcro onto the ends.

Kara said...

This is too cute! I have been wanting to make my kids capes, and this tutorial will make it way easier than trying to figure it out myself. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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