Monday, February 23, 2009

The Pain in the Wasp Bag

Don't get me wrong. I love the purse. But it was a pain in the butt to make. Well..scratch that. It was a pain in the butt for me to follow the directions. First off, I am a visual learner. I see a picture of a step, and I can figure it out better than the directions can explain it. So when I printed off the pattern and instructions for this purse, I was a bit stumped by the lack of pictures. Nevertheless, I tried to follow along as best I could to the step by step instructions, but there came a point that I simply followed my own rules of assembly. Had I not made a few purses before this one, I would have been completely lost.  I think the reason I ventured on my own, was that I didn't know how to make the hidden inside pocket thing.  So I just  made my own pocket, and then sewed the inside to the outside in the way I knew how.  It came out  pretty good for a beginner sewer!

 I'm sure a better seamstress could have easily figured out the instructions. Remember, I'm still a beginner at the sewing jargon. Just show me pictures!! Maybe that is why I caught on to sign language so fast. It's definitely a visual language!

All that grumpiness aside, I am completely in love with the purse!! It's very cute, and it holds a lot, and I totally dig the magnetic clasp (my first one!) If you want to print off the pattern and make one yourself, then, seriously, don't ask me how to follow the instructions. However, if you want to explore the scenic route of purse making, then by all means, I'm here for you. (You don't know how many times I used my seam ripper on this purse, before I finally just went off on my own and assembled it how it seemed right to me. I must have tore out the same two seams six times. Believe me. I was so frustrated.)

By the way, it was called the Wasp Bag based on the fabric she chose when she designed the purse. In no way, does it involve bees or wasps or hornets, or any other flying stinging insect. With that, I chose a more loving insect on my fabric. The Butterfly. Well, that, and I had enough of this particular fabric in my stash to cover the required amount needed for the purse.

So did anyone else make this bag last week? Tell me what you think.


Jen Sue Wild said...

I never read the instructions because of my dyslexia it is just too confusing. I normally just trow them away.

I am also a visual learner if I see it I can figure it out.

I was going to try the bag last week but my printer was acting up
maybe if it prints I will try it tonight.
It is a cute bag and you did a great job!!

Colleen said...

Another great bag! You are the bag queen. And I think straying from the instructions is always the way to go if you know well enough what you are doing. It makes it your own!

Ande said...

I think it turned out really cute. I don't do instructions either. Either show me how to do it, or I will never get the hang of it.

Shavonne said...

Your purse turned out beautifully! I like that you stuck with the insect theme. replying to your comment on my blog about massages- I too am very ticklish, but despite that it is only when they massage my feet that I have to grit my teeth. When Derek tries with my shoulders, I start giggling. So it is different with a professional! You should do it!

LollyChops said...

I do love it so very much! Maybe they call it the wasp bag cause it makes you mad as a hornet when you make it?


kdaygirl said...

Yeah I totally made one and got it knocked out in like and hour. J/K!

I cant follow a pattern either. I need to start with something super easy. That is my goal this summer.

Nice Job Sista!

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

I'm a visual learner too! I love your pain in the wasp bag! I also love the tree it is hanging on. What is it? An Aspen?

Maynards said...

Good Grief, every single bag you post about it ADORABLE!!! How about taking up a few craft groups and helping us all that are too scared to try it on our own, make adorable bags for ourselves. wink wink

amy said...

Seriously, where do you find your cute fabric? I love it! I ate home made bags, because they are to flimzy, but your cute fabric makes me want to try them!

Stacey said...

That is beautiful!! I still haven't tried the other purse you posted!

alison said...

Wow, I am really sorry that you found the instructions difficult to follow, and I would be curious to know how you assembled it.

The finished bag looks great.

Alison (creator or the wasp bag pattern