Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Superman Has Nothin' On Me!

My second year at Ricks College was a blast!! I had lots of friends. I was social. I also broke a lot of rules....but because my mom reads this blog too, I'll skip over that part.

My roommates and I were extremely close with one group of guys, who were also roommates. They lived in a separate complex just up the hill from us, and we were constantly together. They kept some of their food at our apartment. In turn, we draped old afghans across their couches to make their living space more welcoming. In short, we were very familiar with each other's living quarters.

Their apartment was on the ground floor, and so it was easy to get inside. It was especially easy for them to get in through their bedroom window, instead of going around to the other side of the building and using the front door. Since we were often with them, we grew accustomed to using the window as our entrance as well. {As a side note, and to save myself from chastisement, we never frequented their bedrooms after dusk...and although I can't say that there weren't moments of attraction, no hanky panky ever went on. Ok, mom? ok.}

That being said, one afternoon, two of my roommates and I needed to get something from the boys' apartment, so we took a gander up the hill to their place. We knew each of their schedules, and quickly deduced that nobody would be home. Not a problem when you have a certain bedroom window that was always conveniently left unlatched. So because this wasn't the first time we gained entrance through the bedroom, we knew the position of the dressers, beds, and other furniture. Under this specific window, we knew, there was a bed placed exactly beneath the window, which helped serve as a step, of sorts, for us to gracefully land.

As my roommates were sliding the window open, and drawing back the curtains, I had the brilliant idea to do a flying leap through the window, and land softly on the bed. I told the girls my plan, Even though the window was on ground level, it's base still came up to my rib cage. I needed a good clean jump to clear the window, so I eagerly ran 20 feet away, so I could build up enough speed to jump through. My roommates started laughing. "Go for it!", they shouted. Being such nice roommates, they held back the curtains for me, and stood to the side to give me room to fly through.

I lined up carefully, kicking off my slip on shoes so they wouldn't hamper my speed. I adjusted the straps on my overalls, tucked the ends of my shirt back into the sides, and took off towards the window with my long braid swinging back and forth.

I got close. I could hear my roommates giggling. This was gonna be great! I could imagine my perfect leap...arms stretched out in front of me, toes pointed behind me, enjoying the sensation of perfecting a superman leap through the air and landing softly on the bed under the window. But that is NOT exactly how it happened!

Oh, I made it through the window alright. Only then, a tad too late, did I understand why my dear roommates were giggling so. They knew something I didn't know. The bed, which was supposed to be under the window, was instead five feet away, resting against another wall. Underneath the window was nothing but a set of mismatched shoes and a pair of dirty socks. My hands, which were still stretched out in front of me, managed to make it to the edge of the bed. However, my feet stuck unceremoniously in the ledge of the window, not quite making it through. My body, with nothing to catch me, dipped low to the ground, but didn't quite touch, as my arms were still grasping hold of the top of the bed, and my feet stuck in the window.

POP POP went my overall buttons, the straps not able to maintain their fastening power, what with the awkward state my body was in. I also had a giant wedge, which my roommates had full view of from their advantage point outside, looking in through the window. Finally, I was able to wiggle out of my predicament, completely collapsing, and joining my roomies in a fit of giggles. For all the time that we spent with this apartment of guys, they had neglected to tell us that the night before, they had moved all their furniture around in their room. Including the aforementioned bed.

Believe me...that was the last time I went jumping through a window, without first checking to make sure I had a soft spot to land. However, anytime during the remainder of the year that things got a bit boring at our house, I could always count on someone to say "Hey, we can always jump through a window!" Ha ha haa.


Stacey said...

That is sooo funny!!! I can't believe they just let you jump!

runningfan said...

Now THAT is a great story!

Kim Watson said...

Hahahahahaha! you girl have a serious way with your pen. I needed a good chuckle...thanks hun!

Colleen said...

You are a great story-teller! So funny!

Ande said...

oh those Ricks years, we used to have major food fights throughout the dorm, people from Florida going crazy because they have never seen snow and running around in swimsuits in it. Ahhh.... those were the years.

I'm Always Rite said...

You crack me up! I love all your fun stories. They make me feel like a little less of a dork because if my cool friend, Shaina, does stuff like this, then how doofy can I really be? ;) Love you!

Adri said...

So funny, Shaina! But, it does leave me wondering: what were you doing wearing something so UN honor code as overalls, anyway???? :)

Megan said...

Too funny! You really did woop it up after our freshman year! Not that we didn't have a blast in I1 (wasn't that our apartment number?)