Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Will You Follow Me?

I just have to share something that I've struggled with my whole life. I love to be outgoing...but I'm terrified every time I do it! Seriously. I'm always worried that people are going to judge me and be mean to me, and talk behind my back..much like high school. There was a question on one of the games that we played last weekend, during our High School Reunion party, that asked whether you hated high school. I really did. It frustrated me how people acted. I think it's because of that, that I try to be friends with EVERYBODY. I don't like cliques at all.

So every time we have a social situation, I get a bit nervous. I don't think people notice, though. I've come a long way since high school, and I'll admit, most of those social situations are of my own making. I try to get myself out there, hosting things and planning parties...because I don't want to be like (or feel like how) I was in high school.

I have a few things planned that I'm excited about. First, I'm hosting a Girl's Night at my house at the end of the month. It's been a year since I've done a Girl's Night; my last one being my farewell party/80's night, when we moved from California. We have a lot of really fun ladies here, so I know it will be great! Second, I'm having 7 of my sisters, and a life long friend that I call my sister, come here for a Craft Weekend in April. I'm so excited about that. Also, in July, I'm planning a reunion with all my dear friends from California, which I'm hoping will happen with a bang!

Lastly, I'm so grateful to all of you who read my blog. Some of you I've never met. Some are old friends. Some are new friends. I am so happy that you come to my little blog and share in my life. It means the WORLD to me! I think sometimes, my scale of happiness is dependent on the number of comments I get! Silly...but it's true. I love to see who visits and what you say. So if you haven't added yourself to my "Followers" list, could you take a second to do that? It would make my year.

Thanks for coming!


LittleReece said...

Hey! I'm following you... And thank God that High School ended and we're able to be different peole than we were then!
Love your blog and love your radical, creative honesty.

Queen of Chaos said...

I think we all hated high school for the same exact reasons. At least I did. {And still do.}

Also, I think most of us are COMPLETELY different then we were in high school. I am for sure.

I'm a very social person, plan things and make friends with people from all walks of life and types for the same reasons you do. I like surrounding myself with fun and happy people. :) I make a party out of anything and everything!

Unfortunetly, I find that it's better to have these friendships with outsiders then with most family members. It sad, I know. And it makes me sad. The judging, talking behind peoples backs and lack of sympathy is prominenet in family groups. {At least that's my experiences.}
That's why Warren and I live far away from family and prefer it! {At least I prefer it.}
I don't want to subject myself to getting hurt over and over. I think I'd loose it if that happened often- as I think it would. {It's happened enough already with us not living in the same city as our family members.}

These same things can happen with friends too- but it's a litle easier to find new friends then to find a new family!! haha

Having a blog to jot down thoughts, ideas and to share our creativity is great! I'm so glad I live in this time. ;)

Colleen said...

I agree with QOC, I think people change so much as they get older and real life happens, the shallowness/"It's all about me" aspects of high school are long gone, thank goodness, and for those who only cling to their former glory, I just feel sad. That was actually one of the things I loved about going to my 10year reunion, everyone had come into their own, were happy with where they were, and (most...we had a few of those "look how great my life is" people) didn't feel like they had to prove anything anymore. It was great to see!

I hope you know we all think you are one cool lady here in Colo Spgs!

I started our blog as a journaling tool, and a way to get pictures out to family and friends far away, but I have found that comments really make it even better. I love them too!

Karen and Matt said...

Hey I'm already following you! I hated high school, i'm so glad i'm not their anymore. I hate cliques too. You are a very outgoing person! I think I have come a long way since high school as well. I'm definitly more outgoing now. I know I could be more outgoing, but I get very nervous about it. Thank you for your inspiration and your friendship! I love comments too, and it totally makes my day as well! Good for you for planning all these fun outgoing things! Good luck with them all. =)

Maynards said...

Hey Girl!
I think you are adorable! You are a lot of fun to be around, and I love your personality. I really like how you are who you are, and you seem just fine with that. You have no need to worry about people talking behind your would all be good things anyway.

runningfan said...

You're a funny girl. I'd never know you were nervous at a party...sheesh, you tore up the dance floor on Saturday and made it look easy! I'm looking forward to knowing you better.

Xazmin said...

I know what you mean about comments, or lack thereof determing your happiness. I get so excited when I see I have a new comment, and so bummed out when I get on and there's nothing! I'm a follower - have a great day!

The Girls' Mom said...

Just think of how much happier HS was with each other. YOu have changed alot a nd come into your own and you should be proud of the neat person you are.Love ya

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

Hey Girl,

I've been following you since before you moved. :) Feel free to add yourself to my followers list as well. That, too, would make my day!!!

People in high school, well and even now, can sure be cruel at times, but now I know how to handle them better. :)

So when it comes to blogging friends, I choose you!!!!

Follow me....

Jamie @ Dear Diary

Jen Sue Wild said...

You are so silly!
I love you and so do so many other people.
I am sorry that you feel the way you do.

I sure hope I will be able to make the trip in July it will be so much fun to see you and the other girls again!

kdaygirl said...

Well its a good thing you have such a great family to be there for you and make u laugh.. There is nothing better than having a sister as a BFF. I think high school was hard for alot of us in different ways and as we get older the things that we thought were important fall by the wayside when we start our own families. There are some people that cant let things go. I am glad that you are not one of them. We learn from our mistakes and considering how many people follow your blog, I would say your doing all right sister!

The Mitchells said...

Its insane how many people follow your blog, doesn't that show you that you are interesting, fun, smart, talented, and not to mention, a beautiful woman? You are. I love you girl.

Megan said...

I'm so glad we've reconnected through blogging (and facebook). I think you're awesome. I am probably not as social as you but I have learned that (like you) it's best to plan the parties/GNOs or they'll never happen.

Pam said...

I feel the same way about cliques! But I have the hardest time with hospitality! Maybe I can be like you and just put myself out there! So scary though!

The Brewers said...

I follow you follow me? There is not enough money in this world to make me want to go back to High School...Kindergarten, maybe...gotta love the snacks!

hydee said...

Hey ! I signed up to follow you. I have actually been reading your blog for a while now,found you through the Pink House in SC.I'm just sorry I never got to meet you while you were still here.
I have to say it looks like I am the odd man out I had a blast in High School,it's now as an adult I have a hard time making friends.
Love your blog you're a riot and you seem like you have such a great time with life. Enjoy you Girls Night Out.

I'm Always Rite said...

I would follow you anywhere Shaina. :) I can't believe you didn't enjoy high school. I would have thought you were the queen of cool. :] Well, regardless, I have always thought you were awesome and I'm so glad to know you and be your friend! Can't wait for July! :)