Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Art of Kissing

There is a sort of development process that kids go through, when it comes to kissing. In fact, children's first kisses, when they are babies, really can't be called kisses. Rather, they open their mouths up as wide as they can, allowing for a never ending supply of drool to freely escape, dribbling down their chin, and yours, as they pinch your cheeks with their fat little fists and seek your mouth like an open-mouthed bass fish. Lip to drool contact. What an introduction to a kiss!

Soon, however, with a little prodding from you, they realize that not only are closed-mouth kisses entirely appropriate, but are desirable, encouraged, and even reciprocated. They start practicing these little kisses on the cheeks, lips, hands, and we, in turn, get a little revenge from their drooling kisses, by blowing zerberts on their bellies.

Most kids are satisfied with giving kisses that we would put in the "peck" category. Most kids. Not Georgie. Let me take you through her presentation.

Georgie crawls up on her Daddy's lap. He is happy to see her, thus giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Georgie is not satisfied with this. She puts her little hands on either side of his face, looks deeply into his eyes, and then ever so slowly, bends her head a little to the right, and fractionally moves her face closer to his, keeping his lips the center of her target.

The waiting is agony. It's just, so...wrong.

Painstakingly slow, her lips make contact with his lips. She must kiss his lips directly center, otherwise, the kiss doesn't count, and she tries again. Heath repeatedly tries to substitute his cheeks for his lips by turning his head, or he will quickly kiss her so she will end the kiss, but she will not be thwarted! She holds her hands firm on his cheeks, moves with tenderness and, dare I say sensuality, and tries to kiss him again.

Now, she is by no means trying to kiss in a "grownup way". She is just very particular about what part of his lips she wants to kiss, and by going slow, she ensures herself accuracy, and when she achieves her goal, let's just say she's not very quick to break contact. Heath and I are use to her intense display of affection at home, but today, it was a new sight to see for the congregation at church who sat around us. Georgie would not let up. She tried for a very long time to plant a "perfect" kiss on her Daddy. He tried to get it over with. He gave her quick kisses directly center on her lips, but it was over too quickly for her. She is all about quality versus quantity. I'm sure there were some old ladies who were very intrigued by this scene before them, but if they think they were witnessing any inappropriate activity, they are wrong. Georgie just wants an innocent kiss. It just happens to come across quite the opposite.

Maybe someday soon she'll be like other 3 year olds, and will most likely fight any sort of affection you try to show, but for now, the roles are reversed. It's Heath and I who shy away from her kisses. Please. Just give us a quick kiss. That's all we ask.


runningfan said...

That's hilarious. Garry's family is a kiss-on-the-lips family and it drives me nuts...but at least adults are reasonable and accept it when I turn my cheek!

Megan said...

too funny!

The Girls' Mom said...


Rebecca said...

I'm glad Taylor is past the open mouth kissed but she is a thumb sucker so they are often still quite slobbery!

Julz said...

lqtm (laughing quietly to myself) - can't believe we missed that show. That girl is such a character. Gotta love her. ^_^

I'm Always Rite said...

Georgie cracks me up! :)

teensy_dc said...

HA HA HA HA - This cracked me up!