Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Music Videos

So I told everyone to bring a random prop to use for our music videos. We divided into groups, each group quickly picked a song from Colleen's IPOD, and they had 10 minutes to prepare for production. While we were all busy coming up with our choreography, we also raided my kid's dress-up box to add to the fun costumes.

This was the first group waiting "off stage" for their entrance. They rocked it.

The next group used a caterpillar costume as one of their props. Kendra was really working the prop, it was so funny.

She even did the "worm" for a few minutes, and it was hilarious.

The next group did a YMCA/MACARENA dance and they really got into it.

My group was the last to go, and we never got to practice with the IPOD, so when our turn came up, and we tried to find our song, we discovered that it wasn't on the playlist. I can't remember which song we ended up choosing, but it was totally ad-lib, and very fun. Two of the girls even pinned kamy's dress-up dresses to their shirt fronts.


Ande said...

wow, those pics take me back to our GNO's here. Looks like they had fun. Glad that you had such a great turn out. They will be wanting more that is for sure.

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

Reminds me of old slumber party days! Fun, fun, fun!!!

runningfan said...

From that picture you'd never know I was literally crawling in my skin. I'm glad I was unaware that my shirt was riding up, too! Yikes. I am not a performer.

Rebecca said...

That looks like you had a great time. I wish I could go to one of your GNO. Maybe I'll have to copy it sometime.

Shavonne said...

That's hilarious... I like the one of the caterpillar on the ground, looks like she died there! So funny!

Colleen said...

I will have to bring the camera over so we can relive the lipsync! It was hilarious. I loved seeing everyone come out of their shell!