Monday, April 27, 2009

The Science Project

Kamy had to do a science project for school a few weeks ago. We decided that she would see which soap was better at preventing germ growth: Antibacterial or Regular Soap.

We chose two subjects who were bound to be harboring lots of germs: Keaton and Kolby. We waited until the most germ-abundant time: Right after school.

We put one squirt of regular soap in Keaton's hands, and one squirt of antibacterial soap in Kolby's hand. Kamy timed them for their 20 seconds of scrub time, and then they rinsed their hands under water to remove soap and germs.

Then Kamy rubbed a Q-tip over Keaton's hand, and then rubbed the Q-tip in a little glass dish to deposit any germs that may have been left. We did the same with Kolby's hand. We marked which dish had been swiped from the antibacterial soap with a big A.

Then we put a few drops of chicken broth in each dish, covered them up, and set them in a warm place for a few days, not to be disturbed.
After a few days, we checked the dishes to see if any bacteria had grown, and if so, which one had more. Kamy noted that the dish with the big A, for antibacteria, had actually grown more bacteria. Therefore, the regular soap actually prevented more germ growth, than the antibacterial soap.
Kamy brought her experiment to school, along with the bacterial-ridden dishes, to demonstrate her findings. It is her opinion, that if you want a more germ-free life, then you buy regular soap, instead of antibacterial soap.


The Brown's Sanitarium said...

did you to a control to compare your experiments against?

courtney said...

That's awesome! Just goes to show that paying the extra price doesn't always mean more quality!

Colleen said...

Sounds like a good experiment! Interesting results.

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

I love this experiment and I'm sure your kids loved it too!

Valerie said...

I have always been against anti-bac products. They kill the good germs too. That's not good!
Fabulous experiment Kami. You did a great job!!

Alicia said...

Clever Project!!