Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Super Small Sneak Peak

I know I've been absent, and it's not like me to go so long without posting!! I've been super busy crafting with my sisters. I'll try to post again soon, with what we've been so busy making, but until I get to that, here's a sneak peak at our telephone pictionary game that we played. Just as a reminder, the first person writes a sentence. The next person draws a picture to go with that sentence, and covers the sentence so that only the picture is showing. The next person writes a sentence, based on the picture they see, and so on. This one, by far, got the most laughs, tears, and side-aches as we read through it. (click on the picture to enlarge)


FORD RULES said...

Um...that's funny!? You have the funnest games. I still have the story you wrote "The Wilderness Family Move to Alaska". I'm a little concerned about all the death in the game though. Ha Ha

Pam said...

Oh my when I first saw that I thought it was something you found in your childs backpack! Then I read on, I can see ya'll had lots of laughs!