Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Kamy is doing much better, after her fall. Her face is almost all cleared up, with just a few scratches left. She was very brave at school when she went back, after staying home one day. Her teacher took extra care in making sure the kids knew not to tease her about it, and to protect her from all the other kids at school. I was really thankful.
Kamy has been thinking hard about how she wants to spend her 50 dollars. She will pay 10 percent in tithing for the church, and after that, she says she wants to spend the money doing something for the family. She hasn't decided yet, what she will buy, but some of her considerations are: Family Fun Night at the roller rink, Dinner out, or a Wii game for the family. She is giving a lot of thought to this, and I am very proud of her. Not once did she consider keeping it for herself. Her first thought was to do something for the family.
As for Kolby's devious theft of all things sugar, his time in "jail" did a lot to make him think about his actions. He has been really good about asking me for things lately. He hasn't gotten into anything for a few days, but I've kept a close eye on him. He knows that I'm watching. It's not over yet, I'm sure, but it's much better than it was last week.
There's been some sickness around here. I finally went to the doctor on Saturday, because I constantly suffer from earaches. Rather, it's the lymph nodes around my ear that swell up and feel like a sinus infection, only around my ear. So I got some medicine for it, and I've been feeling a bit better. Today, Kolby is home from school because he is wheezing in his chest. I gave him some soup, medicine, and cough drops, and sent him to bed. Hopefully it's just a minor cold, but I'm keeping an eye on him.
George, Keaton, and Heath have been fine. They are as happy as ever. George has taken to wearing all 4 tutus at the same time. She's constantly dressing up for us and twirling around.
So that's a quick update for you. Thanks for all the advice, comments, and love you've left me recently. I appreciate it.


The Girls' Mom said...

Way to go Kamy! Thinking of others first is such a lady like thing to do;) I hope everyone gets feeling better. I'm anxiously counting the days till the craft weekend!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the update. I realized I skipped a few older posts so I had to go back and read about Kamy. Crazy bad luck but I'm sure she'll have better luck spending her $50! Maybe she can take you guys back to that rib place. It sounds great. My kids usually stick to the chicken strips or mac & cheese.

Ande said...

Sounds like the craziness here at our house. Hope that Kami is o.k. Poor thing. I am really missing you guys this week. It has been weird, maybe because Kim is moving to Vacaville. Hope that you have a good week.

Colleen said...

I think it is very cool that Kamy is being so thoughtful about how she will use the found money. I hope you guys are all feeling better quickly!

Dan and Katie said...

I found your blog too! Yay! I love those little tutu's. Although they also work well as wigs :)

ronee said...

wow..a full paying tithe member!