Friday, April 3, 2009

What am I to do?

You may remember THIS POST about Kolby's love of sugar. Lately, his sneaking around and stealing snacks has gotten out of hand. I am just at my wits end. I have no idea how to punish the kid. He just doesn't care, whatever the punishment I give him. He'll eat what he wants, and get into what he wants, and he could care less if he is punished for it, or if he gets caught at all.

I keep a 5 pound bag of starbursts out of reach of the kids, and I use it to persuade Kolby to read to me, and do his homework. Well, there are no more starbursts in the bag. Kolby left his wrapper evidence behind the couch.

I keep a bag of cookie dough in the freezer. Well, I did. Kolby ate them all.

There are fruit snack wrappers, cracker crumbs, and gum wrappers under his bed. Today, I caught him with the chocolate syrup and caramel syrup behind a chair.

Yesterday, he spent the whole day within the confines of his room. He could only leave to go to the bathroom, and he had to get my permission first. I let him come out for school, but as soon as he came home, he went right back up to his room. I brought him his meals so he could eat, although I was tempted to let him have nothing but bread and water. Yesterday was the only day he didn't get into anything, because he was in "jail", so to speak. Of course, judging by the wrappers under his bed, he just may have a stash I don't know about.

I have taken away everything that matters to him, and still, he won't stop stealing food, snacks, and treats. I don't even keep that many sweets in the house, for goodness sake. But if it's there, he finds it.

I seriously need Kolby to get a punishment that matters to him. We already grounded him from sugar, or any treats of any kind, but it hasn't phased him in the slightest, since he manages to get into it anyway. Help. Please.


KJ said...

Geepers my friend...I have no idea what to suggest. Maybe you should ask why he 'needs' so much sugar, other than because of his sweet tooth??
I would drive me nuts too.
PS:There is an RAK over at my scrappy blog....please enter it is HUGE!

runningfan said...

Does he get an allowance? My kids respond to monetary fines. Or you could make him do a job every time you catch him. We also dole out "writing consequences." For his stage he could just trace a few lines of words you've typed out. Since he hates writing so much, maybe that would work...and it would give him extra practice!

Megan said...

Good luck with that one. My husband cracks up because my kids ask for everything and never sneak or steal food (like we both did growing up). But I'm not sure how I got them to do this. They even ask when they are home alone. They'll call and ask for a piece of candy or how many they can have. I hope being in "jail" works for you b/c I think it would work for me. If you find something that works let me know b/c I need something for myself! I eat too many sweets and it's catching up with me.

BrittanyLane said...

When "punishments" stop working for my kids I try to take a step back and rethink things. Maybe you could have him do a "nutrition" sticker chart, or give a positive incentive for no sugar for one month, or even teach a FHE lesson about eating healthy food. Give him the power to decide to lay off the sugar.

If it's about hoarding unhealthy snacks, I hate to break it to you, but you might have to stop buying them for a while. My kids were obsessed with crackers for a while, so I just got rid of them all and stocked the fridge with fruit and veggies.

If it's about lying and deceiving you, that's another story... My guess would be that it's just a phase, and it will pass with patience and time. Good luck!

kdaygirl said...

You could do what dad did when he caught us stealing food. I remember Warren eating cool whip and we tattled on him and dad made him eat the whole tub, and it was one of the bigger tubs too. I remember him saying that if he threw up before he was finished he would make him eat that too.
Maybe eating sweets till you puke might do the trick?

My kids dont eat anything unless they ask either. Even when I'm not home, they will call and ask if they can have a snack. Its kinda funny!

Trinette McCrary said...

We have had this issue in our house too. My snack closet is always locked. Need I say more!!! It works.

Maynards said...

Tricky one. Wish I had a good suggestion for you. I know Ben did that a lot as a kid, but he did it because his mom hardly ever let them have sugar. Therefore, when they did have it, the kids went all out to make sure they got it. I find that if my kids know when they can have a snack and what they can do to earn one, they don't snitch as much.

Jen Sue Wild said...

He is just like Garrett!

For Garrett nothing worked! It was just something he had to grow out of. Not that he has completely grown out of it but he is better now! He ask more than he takes.

It just took a lot of consistency and hard lessons on his part.

dippyrooroo said...

With Griffin, taking away his transformers is the worst possible thing we could do to him. The threat of it makes him willing to clean his room, be nice to his sisters, he'll do just about anything to keep that from happening. And long periods of time don't seem to matter to him. It seems to be more effective if it's one day than a week, because by the end of the week, he's forgotten about it. I don't know what 'the magic thing' could be for Kolby. Maybe taking away his bike for the day? Or no Wii? With our kids a dramatic removal of the item from it's usual spot to the parents bedroom seems to drive the point home... but I bet you've already tried that sort of stuff.
Maybe he really does need the extra calories. He's certainly not 'ballooning out' from all that cookie dough and candy and ice cream syrup, which you'd really think he would.
I don't know, that's really a tough one.

Heidi said...

Hmm.. I have a totally different opinion on this type of thing. I watched a show years ago about the difference between children who are limited when it comes to the fun foods vs kids who are not. The kids who have strict limits gorge themselves even when they are full.
I have reasonable limits in our home - we don't require the kids ask for everything they want but they do have to eat a good meal with the family - but after that they are free to have candy or a treat. Most times they make the right choice on their own because they are learning to listen to their own body.
My kids also aren't forced to clean their plate - they are both very good eaters and are willing to try anything - so if they aren't very hungry on a particular night - then they don't have to finish their dinner.
Now trust me - I don't want you to think that we have a house where the kids rule and make all the decisions.. that's not the case at all - trust me. But when it comes to food I have a very free way of thinking because I think it's important to listen to your own body.
For Halloween - I let them have at it. And you know what.. it last 2 or 3 days.. and they never look back. I am always throwing away candy after about a month because no one is touching it anymore.
I agree with the kdaygirl who says - maybe eating sweets until you puke will do the trick.

Shavonne said...

Man, I dont' know what to tell you. I think all kids have a hankering for sweets, but usually its limited what they take and hide. I like the idea of a FHE on what it means to steal and lie, and that how it hurts you when that happens. Maybe it will cause him to think twice about it?

I'm Always Rite said...

For my two cents I will add this: I am a cookie, candy, donut... monster! If it's in the house and I can see it I will eat it! And since I know this I am usually very good at keeping it all out of the house. Lately, I'm not succeeding so much at this. I would suggest to completely cleanse the house of sweets until Kolby has detoxed. Though, I do like your sister's idea about gorging him on them until he is just sick of it. Hmmm... I hope you'll post if something works for you. :) Good luck! :)

Me and My Girls said...

The whole time I was reading both posts about Kolby, I was thinking you should make him eat the whole thing. If he sneeks it, make him sit at the table and not get down till he finishes it. So I agree with kim. I also agree that a FHE lesson would be good. Good luck!

sauvie island farms said...

I also have a boy with the sweet tooth. He is now 17 yrs old...and he has outgrown it. If you are ok with your little guy eating fruit...keep some baggies of cut up fruit..apples, melon, grapes, the frig..and give those to him when he needs something sweet.

annaka said...

Oh girlie I soooo hear you. My kids are very picky eaters (in fact one has even had to have food therapy), This is one technique our food therapist taught us that really helped. The kids decorated their own snack box with stickers and glitter. Now each day the kids choose 3 snacks, yours is in school so he won’t need as many. The kids are in control of when they choose to eat their snacks, the only time they couldn’t have a snack is an hour before our meals. In the beginning each time they chose a snack I reminded them that once they were gone, we wouldn’t put any more snacks in the box until the next day. I had to be very firm on this. They quickly learned to pace themselves. Good luck, I hope you figure something out that works for you. By the way the croissants look yummy, I’m glad they worked out!!

Virginia said...

Sounds like my husband :)