Friday, June 12, 2009

Afternoon at the Park!

Today was the first sunny day all week, from what I can remember. We have Wednesday mornings planned for our park day, but it was so chilly and overcast that day, that we had to postpone it. We woke up to beautiful sunshine with very few clouds, and when the kids asked if we could go to the park, I was more than anxious to agree.

We detoured on the way to invite some friends to come with us, and we met up at a park north of town, called FoxRun Regional Park. Keaton had requested a park that had a see saw in it, professing his anguish in never having been on a see saw in his whole entire life, and he just couldn't be happy in a park that didn't have a see I looked online and found a park accommodated his desire. I was more impressed with the park, because it had a few large ponds in the area too. Seemed like a great place to spend the afternoon.

When we got there, Keaton found a friend from his class at school, and quickly forgot about the see saw when his friend let him take a turn on his skateboard. At the end of the 20 minute lesson time his friend gave him, he was given the title "professional" and was quite proud of himself. Then he asked me for a skateboard for his birthday. Here he is demonstrating a turn.

But he didn't neglect the see saw.
Kamy, Olivia, and Georgie took turns on the tire swing, but they swung in it mildly compared to what the boys were doing later.
Kids love to shovel anything in a bucket. Who knows who the pail and shovel belonged to, but Georgie had a good time playing with it, that is, until a fly buzzed by her.
Here is Keaton helping Georgie up on the swing. He is always very thoughtful with her.
This picture was taken mid a hectic and chaotic spin cycle on the tire swing. They loved it!
After they played for a long time, we went to the little lakes. There were two that were connected by a little stream. It was a really peaceful area.

Just to prove I was there, here's our token family picture. We'll definitely go back soon!


Trinette McCrary said...

Thanks for inviting us, we had fun. Your pictures turned out great. The lake area was peaceful.

runningfan said...

You found a much prettier spot in the park than we've seen! Call us next time, too! :)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Your header picture is fabulous....Will be back to read more....

Hope you will visit me.

courtney said...

Those parks look so nice!

And I love the "art", It is definitely better than mine!

Adri said...

Looks so nice! Where, exactly, is this park?? I'm a see-saw fan, too. Me and Keaton will have to pony up!

Thanks for the games tonight, Shaina. You are such a party girl!

dippyrooroo said...

I'm so glad that you shared your summer scheduling idea. I think it will really help me this year. A park day, or two, every week is a great idea! I'm feeling pretty crummy with this pregnancy, and some structure will really help me keep going!