Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Anniversary Excursion

We were able to leave the kids with some great friends Friday night and Saturday morning, so that Heath and I could have a little getaway for our Anniversary. We started off by going to dinner at the Olive Garden. Yummy. I was so full on my favorite Zuppa Tuscana Soup, that by the time I got my plate of fettuccine, I was full. I saved it and had it later.
We drove out of town about an hour, and nestled between the mountains was our Bed and Breakfast. It was a beautiful log cabin style house and we loved everything about it. Over the garage was a rec room of sorts, and they had a ping pong table. Heath and I tried our hands at a few games. Actually, we barely hit the ball. Apparently, we stink at ping pong.
After scouting the room in search of stray ping pong balls, Heath found some weights that he strapped to his wrists to "better his game".
Sad to say, it didn't make the game any better, but we had a great time anyway.

The next morning, we enjoyed sitting on the porch as the sun reached over the mountains. Beautiful.

After breakfast, we said goodbye to our Bed and Breakfast hosts, and drove to Manitou Springs, a quaint little touristy town at the base of Pikes Peak. We parked the car and walked up and down main street and enjoyed the morning.

We found some interesting shops. This looked like a fun place to eat. The Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant.
I saw this old piece of rusted machinery that looked like some of the old parts we used to play on when I was a kid, growing up on the ranch. I thought it would be a fun reminder for my sisters.
There are many natural springs located throughout the city. Most of them taste like terrible soda water. Heath sampled a few.
Some shops have some crazy things for sale. I think Heath looks like Will Ferrell in this picture. That is, if Will Ferrell ever played a mountain man in a movie. We sat on benches and steps and watched the people around us and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a gorgeous day.

Then, it was lunchtime. We came home and ate our Olive Garden leftovers and got into bed.....and took a nap. We were exhausted. It was a really nice getaway.


Jen Sue Wild said...

looks like you all had a fun weekend together.

Colleen said...

A perfect anniversary getaway. I am glad you guys had a great time just the two of you!

Megan said...

Looks like a fun quick getaway. I think we had a similar experience a few years ago. But one night away is sometimes all you need to feel refreshed and ready to face your kids again!!

Rebecca said...

I need a weekend get away with my hubby. Maybe he'll take me away on our anniversary! I've never stayed in a bed and breakfast. Yours looks beautiful.

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

What a great anniversary getaway! You two look so in love! The bed and breakfast looks like a great getaway too! My family went to the mountains almost every year when I was a kid and remember how crisp the air was. Such pretty mountains too... awesome!

Jo Buckner said...

Sounds perfect to me!

kdaygirl said...

Super cool! I like the picture of our pretend rocket ship/time travel machine. Memories so cool! It looks like you had loads of fun!