Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Trip to the Store

I always make lists when I go to the store, and even then, I usually forget at least one item on the list. It seems that Walmart has gotten my entire paycheck (well, my husband's paycheck, that is) this month. I just get back from the store, realize what I forgot, and add more to the list.

This evening, I have yet another trip planned. Hopefully my last one before we head out on Thursday for our Family Reunion Vacation in Utah. There are just a few stray things I need this time, and as I was glancing over the list, making sure I didn't forget anything, I got a chuckle out of what I wrote.

Body lotion
Adult Gifts

I think if anyone saw my list, they might raise their eyebrows and drop their jaws. It wouldn't be as fun to explain my list, as see their assumptions written all over their face. In any case, I'll explain.
I need a bottle of lotion that I can close the cap on, as the one I have in our room is a squirt top...which is hard to travel with.
I need two white elephant gifts that are meant for adults, as opposed to a kid gift, for our gift exchange.
I need batteries for the flashlights, Reeses for the drive over, and floaties so my babies don't drown in the pool when we go swimming.

I'm sure as soon as I come home, I'll remember something else that I needed, but I'm sure to remember my "adult gifts". Hopefully.


Megan said...

I just got back from Walmart and I couldn't find my list when I got there. I too will be making a trip again soon because I forgot some much needed items. . . sadly my walmart is 45 min away!

runningfan said...

Ah, you shouldn't have explained! The list was so much fun!

Me and My Girls said...

I think that your list is so funny. I could immagine what people would think if they picked up your stray list in the parking lot. But I do not think that Walmart would be the place to get those things if that was what they were thinking. LOL

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...


"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...