Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Husband

I met Heath when we were in High School. He was a year younger than me in school. Since we lived in an area where our church boundaries were quite extensive, and he went to a different ward, I didn't know he was LDS for quite a while. The school boundaries and church boundaries overlapped a few blocks out in the country where Heath lived. Therefore, he went to our school, but another ward. Anyway, we were friends.
My Junior year, and Heath's Sophomore year, we were in a musical together. Practically the whole high school was involved in this musical, but the thing that stands out to me, is that in this musical, Heath played my husband. What a coincidence.
My Senior year, and Heath's Junior year, we had a mutual class. We got to know each other even better. We talked a lot during class and in the hallways, and we had mutual friends we sat with during lunch. At the time, I had a boyfriend who lived about 40 minutes away. We decided that we would all go to Senior Ball together, so Heath asked a mutual friend to be his date. The four of us double dated to the dance.
Many times, Heath and I found ourselves dancing with each other, instead of our dates, for whatever reason. We had a fun night. As it was, I had my first kiss that night...from my boyfriend, not from Heath. It wasn't great.
I graduated high school and went to college. Heath finished his last year of high school, then went on a mission for our church. Four years passed before we connected again. I was just finishing up my last month of college and Heath was just getting ready to go to college. He called my home phone, thinking "whatever happened to my friend Shaina". My dad talked to him, and told him I was at college, but that he would deliver the message to me. Later, my dad called me, gave me Heath's phone number, and told me to call him. I was very much surprised, first off to hear from my old friend Heath, but also that my dad was telling, totally encouraging me, to call a boy, which traditionally, he was against.
So I called Heath up, and the first thing he asked me was "So, are you married with, like, 5 kids by now?" I asked him just how old he thought I was, and reminded him it had only been four years since we had seen each other, which would prove his question almost impossible. We talked for a while, and made plans to get together the few days we had overlapping, when I would be home from school and just before he was to leave to start his new semester. I hung up the phone and started talking with my roommate Bethany, who was my childhood best friend. She knew Heath well. I said "Wouldn't it be funny if I ended up marrying Heath Nunnelly?" We laughed a bit about that.
As it happened, we had our date before he left for school, and with parting words, he said "I'll call you soon!"
Four months went by and I heard not one word from him. Loser.
The night of New Years Eve, I got a phone call. It went something like this: "Hi Shaina! This is Heath!"
"Oh, long time! Weren't you supposed to call me months ago?"
"Yeah, sorry about that. I've been having fun dating lots of girls here." (insert annoying sigh from me) "Anyway, what are you doing tonight?"
"I'm going to a party."
"Oh. I was hoping we could get together. I leave tomorrow to go back to school"
I gave in. "You could come with me to the party if you want."
He gladly accepted, and met me at the house of some friends, and we spent the evening together, along with a household of people, to ring in the New Year.
After midnight, I walked him outside to his car and we exchanged email addresses (which was kinda the "new thing" back then) and he promised (again) to email me the next day. I doubted he would.
The next day, I got an email from him. So begins our courtship. We emailed each other almost everyday, and sometimes multiple times a day. At first, the emails were very neutral, him asking for dating advice (gag me) and me talking about my job working at the middle school. By Valentines day, things started getting a bit more involved. Heath planned a quick weekend trip back home, and we spent the whole weekend together. It was then that we knew that if we continued this, that we would get married. Neither of us seemed to have any objections to that, so our emails became more and more personal and lovey. Emails changed to phone calls, and we spent hours (and hundreds of dollars) talking to each other. Permission was asked from the father for my hand in marriage. We just had to see each other in person to seal the deal. At the end of March, I drove down to Rexburg to spend the week with Heath and to "officially" get engaged. We had our first kiss the night he proposed to me. I accepted of course.
After a week together, I drove back home with a ring on my finger. Heath still had one more month of school before he could be done with the semester. We pined for each other. When he got home from school, we had a month of face-to-face dating before we were married, on the 4th of June.
I saved almost all of our emails during those four months of "email dating". I like to read upon them every once in a while. The first email was signed "Your friend, Heath" and the last email was signed "Your future husband".
I love our unique story of how we got together. Now, ten years into our marriage, and almost five kids later, our love has grown stronger. Happy Father's Day babe. Love you so much!


Heath said...

Thanks Babe I love you too. Now a little from my side of the story. In my defense I was a little awkward around girls after my mission and I really was having fun at Ricks College. And because my feelings for you were so strong on our first date, going away was kind of a relief. And I think I needed that time to calm down and date other girls. When it did happen it kind of hit me all at once, I felt like a dork, who was irresponsible with my promise to call you and I knew I had to not make that same mistake again. And I had this feeling of wanting to pursue you and it was very strong, and that this felling felt different, and it felt right, something that was lacking for me when I was dating at Ricks College. Thanks for having so much patience with me, and I am sorry you had to do that for my sake, but I think we both got a good deal out of it end the end.

TheTennesseeWilliams said...

Oh Heath! ( I would call you the nickname my family would call you when we came to vist but wont torture you ) You are so sentimental and such a softie! :) But thats why we love you! You were always my favorite cousin!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Awee what a sweet story..
I don't think I new all that..

Happy fathers day Heath!!

Gabe said...

What an endearing story, and one to be treasured forever to be handed down to generations of your family of what true love is all about.

courtney said...

I knew some of your story but not all of to hear it! Sometime, Jared and I will tell you guys our story, I say Jared and I because it is so much better with both of us telling it together!

kdaygirl said...

Yur first kiss was the day you got engaged!!! Wow good for you. Its a good thing there was some chemistry at that point or who knows what would have happened. (Heath might still be waiting for Nan, Ha HA).

Heath your a great bro-in-law, and I love you too!

runningfan said...

WHAT A GREAT TALE! Oops...didn't realize caps lock was on. Thanks for sharing!

Megan said...

Good story! So funny -ironic how things turned out! and boy I can't believe you didn't kiss until the day you got engaged but I guess you hadn't seen each other much before that day but STILL . . You were a good girl I guess! Thanks for sharing.

DougandSheilah said...

Who's that baby in the picture? It's so fun to see friends and us when we were younger. It's so not what I remember because my memory is a now thing. I knew your story and yes Heath you were awkward at dating, but fun to watch while trying. :)

FORD RULES said...

What a really cool story. That is impressive that you guys meet in school and years later ended up getting married. Ten years too. Wait until it's a hundred and ten! What joy you'll have then.

Austin F. said...

I can't decide if Heath has incredible game, or was completely clueless. Either way, it appears things worked out.

But, man, I hope he's not still asking for dating tips.