Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rocky Mountains (Part 2)

After we had our picnic lunch, we started off down the trail. We hiked along Adams Falls, then continued on the trail for another few miles.
When we got to the Falls, everyone wanted to jump in the water. By the way, we borrowed a backpack carrier from a friend, and I'm afraid it has ruined all future hiking endeavors for our family. Georgie sat like a Queen the entire time, and refused to get out to walk. She'll never go back to normal hiking again.

We saw lots of little animal life on the trail. We had to point out each one, every time we saw one.
Heath tried his hand at rock climbing, with Queen Georgie along for the ride.

As I was setting up the camera for the 10 second delay picture so that all of us could be in the same photo, a sweet older couple came hiking up and offered to take our picture for us.

We didn't get much further on the trail before we stopped for a snack and a rest. We finally persuaded Georgie to get out of the backpack carrier. What was the first thing she did? She tried to climb on my back for a 'piggy-ride'.
Kolby picked a lovely wildflower for me, that was growing dangerously close to the edge of steep incline.
Then we turned around and hiked back. Kolby was dragging by the time we made it back to the starting point. I've never seen him so worn out before.

It was a nice trip. We are glad we went, but we are just as happy with our hiking trails closer to home.


Nicki said...

What a great group of hikers. I'm impressed with your gumption! Can't wait to see you all in just a few short weeks!

Megan said...
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Megan said...

I am so jealous of all the fun hikes you've gone on. I think I'd get more exercise if I had trails like that to go on. I think the only way I"d tkae my 3 year old hiking is in a backpack - you might have to premantently borrow that thing. I can't even go for a walk without ending up with Mia in my arms.

Shavonne said...

I think the picture of all of you that the older couple took is gorgeous! You should enlarge it and hang it up on your wall. I love all the hiking you guys do, it is so great. BYW, I'd like to see an updated pregnancy picture of you!!

FORD RULES said...

Those are some great pics. I can't wait to get home to hike with my family. You guys are so out doorsy. Congrates on the 10th anniversary!

Dan and Katie said...

So fun! I can't wait to go hiking with our kids :)

Colleen said...

Those backpacks are definitely nice. It's sad to see all those dead pines in the Rocky Mountains, but at least the Aspens and shrubs are all looking so spring-like! That family picture setting is perfect, how picturesque!