Thursday, June 25, 2009

There's a cricket outside my window

It's already been a terribly long night. I had so much to do this evening, in packing and preparing for our trip, that I was up much later than I wanted to be. I had even managed to color my hair, which badly needed it, as well as apply some sunless tanner to my legs and to the husband's back, which the husband was more in favor of than I was. I hate sunless tanners, or more especially, the smell of them.

Then when I finally was able to lie down in bed, my stomach was so tensed up from stress, that it was really hurting. I couldn't fall asleep.

All night I've been smelling hair color and tanning lotion. It's sickening. With my sense of smell already at superhuman levels, it is just too much.

After hours and hours, a cricket starts chirping outside my window. The noise of the fan does not drown out it's cries. Shutting the window does not make it any quieter. I'm about to scream. In fact, I do. Like a madwoman, I throw my body pillow away from me, stomp over to the window, and pound on it with all my might and scream "Be Quiet!!"

This alerts the husband that perhaps I'm not having the best night.

He brings me downstairs to our guest bed to get away from the cursed cricket. It works. I can't hear the blasted thing anymore. But I still can't fall asleep.

I lie there for another hour awake until I hear something that sounds like the house is caving in. Oh, it's only the sprinkler system turning on, but the noise is horrific.

"That's it. I'm done!"

I come upstairs to check the time, and see if I can be put out of my misery and just get ready for the day. It's 4 am.

So I decide to type up this post, and am sitting harmlessly at the computer, and a giant dragon-like moth comes swooping down at me and starts buzzing around my ears and flapping itself in my hair, ready to set up permanent dwelling. At this point, the moth is the recipient of my craze. I am desperate to take out my tired revenge on something.

I could really do without moths and crickets right now. More especially, I'm getting so sickened by the smell of tanning lotion. I'm going to take a shower. Not that it will help.


Trinette McCrary said...

Big bummer, I'm with you. Have a fun and safe trip.

runningfan said...

May you have a relaxing vacation, rather than an arduous family trip!

Megan said...

Oh I so remember those days. Every noise irritated me at night. It still does at times now. I hope you get some rest on your drive today and your able to sleep in your upcoming "tent city." Have fun.