Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Day in Southeast Idaho

After my visit in Utah, I went up to Driggs Idaho to spend a few days with my friend Nicki. Our families were very close when we were living on base in California. The kids really missed each other, so we thought it would be fun to spend a few days with them. Driggs is located between Rexburg and Jackson, at the base of the Teton Mountains. It was a lovely drive to get there.

Nicki's parents are members of the Country Club up there, so we took the kiddos swimming one day. They had a blast in the pool. This time, I made the boys wear life jackets instead of their floaties. We had a near drowning about 30 seconds after we got in the pool, when Georgie tried to follow her brothers down the steps into the pool. Luckily, I was right there and pulled her up. After that, there was no way I was going to be able to keep an eye on all four of my independently minded kids, in a pool that got deeper and deeper with every step, so I slapped life jackets on them.

Kolby didn't seem to mind at first, although he prefers to swim under the water. Georgie had floaties on for a while, but after seeing everyone else in life jackets, she wanted to give it a try too. Turns out, all she could do was float on her back with the way her life jacket was, and she hated it. Keaton decided to drag her around a bit across the pool. It was funny to watch.

Then Georgie followed the boys to the hot tub, and didn't notice the step down, and I ended up saving her from a near drowning again. That was all I could take. We left shortly after that. The kids didn't want to leave, but when I told them where we were going, they got excited.

There's nothing like having a scoop of huckleberry ice cream for lunch. If you haven't had huckleberries, you are in for a treat. They taste best when they are made into ice cream. So good.

Then we changed our clothes and headed into Rexburg for the evening. I wanted to take the kids around Ricks College/BYU-ID and show them where I went to school my first two years of college, more than 13 years ago. After swimming, the hour long ride proved to be a great time to take a nap.

We stopped first at the temple, which I hadn't seen yet. It was big and beautiful sitting up atop the hillside.

Then we headed down to campus, which is undergoing some renovation. While we were walking around, these two girls, Kamy and Sophie, started making plans on going to college and being roommates. They were talking about how their room would be, and both decided that it needed to be "immaculate" at all times.

We took the kids through the Library on our way across campus. I use to clean the bathrooms and vacuum floors at 4am every weekday morning as my job my 2nd year of school. Now that was tough, getting up so early every day.

The kids didn't last long with the tour around campus, so we decided to go eat at Craigo's, which had the BEST breadsticks ever when we were going to school there.

The old location was boarded up, but we discovered that they had simply moved a few miles down the road towards Walmart. So we drove over there and ate, but were a bit disappointed that they don't make the amazing breadsticks anymore. We had to settle for just eating pizza. I think I'll have to make some breadsticks just like the Craigo's breadsticks use to be. When I do, I'll post the recipe for sure.

As we were eating, the girls were still talking about rooming together. They were discussing whether or not their apartment would have a DVD player in it.

Then we went to the store and got ingredients to make salsa. After that, we headed back to Driggs. It was a long day. A great day. A day that left me dreaming about breadsticks....


runningfan said...

Sounds very fun!!

dippyrooroo said...

What!!!! Craigo's without breadsticks! Some things should not be allowed to change!!! I hope they at least still had milkshakes!

Megan said...

How fun. Cameron and I took our kids to Rexburg for a few hours on the way home from Yellowstone 2 yrs ago. We also ate at Craigos and were sad that it wasn't the same place or menu that we remembered! I'm sad you didn't have a picture in front of the old apartment. I took one of our apartment but only driving by on the way to the temple (which was finished back then)

Ande said...

man that brings back memories. Too bad about Craigos' the breadsticks were awesome!!! Someday I wanna go back and see everything. The rock the girls are sitting on, I have a pic of me and my roomies on it. looks like you guys had fun.

Rebecca said...

Wow, Craigo's...I loved that place...too bad it's not the same. Dang, why do things have to change!