Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cute and Easy Chunky Watch Bracelets

Do you want to learn how to make one of these cute bracelets? (The earrings are just as fun, but a lesson for another day.) If you know how to tie a knot, you can make this bracelet. I'll show you how with this easy tutorial. First off, you need some supplies.

1. You need to buy a watch face. Go to to buy one. They range from 3.99 to 5.99. Make sure you go to the Solid Bar Ribbon section. You need a watch face that has a bar on either side so you can hook your clasps to it. While you are there, get a few. It's fun to have different sizes and colors for your watch face.

2. You need some stretchy cord (I use the Darice brand, size 0.8), four lobster clasps for every watch you want to make (you want a larger size, like 16mm). You can find them in stores that sell jewelry supplies. Here is what they look like. This is optional, but I like to use spacer bars (here is what they can look like) to keep my bracelet together in the middle.

3. Finally, you need some beads. You can order beads online, but I prefer to see and feel the beads before I buy them, so I go to Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Joann's, or Micheal's to buy my beads and my stretchy cord. These stores almost always have their beads and supplies on sale. You will want to get a few different styles and sizes of beads to give your bracelet some personality. Enjoy picking some out. That is my favorite part. Get some big chunky beads, get some smaller beads, get some neutral white or silver to fill in the gaps of whatever main color you are going for. Before you know it, you'll be addicted to buying beads.

Now you are ready to make your bracelet. You will want to lay out your beads in a pattern that you like, making two strands the same length (for my wrist, I make a length of about 5 1/2 inches. The beads, added to the length of the watch face, make a perfect size for my wrist.). Don't forget to lay out two or three beads at the top and bottom of your chains. Add in your spacer bars (I use one or two or three) in a place that is pleasing to you.

Now you want to measure your stretchy cord three times the length of your beads. So for me, I measure out three times my 5 1/2 inch length, which gives me 16 1/2 inches. That is how long I cut my stretchy cord. Now, take one of your lobster clasps and tie a square knot around the little hole at the bottom of the clasp. Then add one more knot just to secure it. Pull it tight. Make sure it won't come undone.

Look at the long part of your cord (not your tail). See what direction it is going. Do you see in the above picture, that the long cord is going towards the other clasp? That means I will start threading through my three top beads, then I will thread through my second clasp. Make sure you have the clasp facing the right way (the same way as the first clasp) so it will hook on to the watch bar the same direction.
Continue threading down through the bead chain. When you get to the other clasps, simply thread them through. When you start threading the second chain, just make sure you connect up again through the spacer bars in the same order as you had them laid out.

Are you still with me? At this point, you should be back to the beginning.

String your cord back through the first clasp and pull it tight. There should be no slack in your bracelet. Work the beads nice and tight against each other. Now, before you tie it together, while holding the cord tight so it won't come undone, hook the clasps onto your bracelet and try it on for size. It's a stretchy bracelet, so hook it on and then slide it onto your wrist. Check for sizing, and to make sure all the clasps are properly facing the right direction. If anything is amiss, now is the time to rethread, shorten, add, or change.

Once you have it how you like it, you simply tie a square knot (plus one, again) through your original clasp, and then tying using the tail end. Make sure you keep it very tight! Check to make sure it won't slip out of the knot, and then clip your ends close to the knot.

Congratulations!! You made a cute watch bracelet. Have fun with it. Go make more.

The best part about this watch bracelet hobby, is that you can make as many bracelets as you want, and you really only need one watch face to interchange it with. Make one for every outfit. Make one for your friends. They make great gifts!


Rayna said...

This is so cute! I can't wait to try it! Thanks!

V and Co. said...

thanks...these are all the rage in utah. and now i don't have to spend the 20 bucks that they want for just the band!

purejoy said...

i've seen these in the stores, but seriously, it never occurred to me to make my own!! duh!! thanks for the great idea!

Princess Of Pink said...

Thank you, I love this! Have to try this myself ♥

Shavonne said...

You have made so many!! they are really cute, and I like your bead combinations. I think my fav is the blue/brown one at the bottom.

ModernMom said...

OK so that is simply amazing! I am so not crafty and have never had any interest in trying something like this..until now! Must go shopping:)

The Crockett's said...

Too bad you don't live closer to me! There is a lady in our ward that makes and sells jewelry at boutiques. She has an entire room FULL of beads etc. Once a month she opens up her stash for a girls night with all the ladies in the ward. You make anything you want and only pay her cost of supplies, usually around $5 or so depending on what you do. Several people have made these cute watches! I could really see you going crazy!!

Sky Walk said...

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Connie said...

Where can I find the large watch faces? I love in Utah Valley and I've gone to Michaels, Roberts, Joannes, Walmart. Who have I missed?

Connie said...

oops, I also live in Utah Valley. :-)


where do you get your chunky beads? i can't seem to figure out where everyone is getting them.

Mike & Brenda & Family said...

I would love to know where you get your spacer bars. Michaels only has very few, and I would like a bigger selection.