Friday, July 31, 2009

A Letter

I've mentioned many times that we are a Food Network lovin' family. We watch it often. I actually don't like the t.v. being on during the day, but if it is, it's usually on Food Network. Sunday night, as I was reading, Heath and the kiddos were watching Paula's Party. It's a show with Paula Deen, and she was apparently doing a 'chocolate lover's show'. Kamy was enthralled.

The next day, she presented me with this letter that she wrote (all by herself) to Paula Deen. Kamy asked me to mail it for her. Gladly.

In case you can't read it, it says:

Dear Paula Dean,

My name is Kamyren. I love your show. It is the best show ever! I am 9 years old, and yesterday the chocolate show on Paula's Party, I loved it. I think those donuts would really taste good. I thought that the chocolate Grizz ice cream would be good too. Do you think it would be okay if I could be on one of your shows? My mom has made one of your delicious, delectable dishes. It is the one when you made the chicken and potatoes in your kitchen. Except my dad didn't really like it. But I did. I liked your little adorable grandson on the chocolate show. Our family loves your biscuits. They are so good. So can I be one of your shows?

Please write back.

Look on the back.

(On the back, she drew this picture.)

The letter is in the mail.


Trinette McCrary said...

What a cute letter. I love that Kamy loves that show. It is looking like Kamy just might take after her momma in the kitchen-awesome.

Sheri said...

That is so sweet!

purejoy said...

i don't know if paula would find a similar letter from a 46 year old nearly as charming. i wouldn't mind being a taste tester on her show (i love butter!), so maybe your daughter could put in a good word for me!!
i thought the letter was earnest and adorable and she's a fantastic artist also!!
i love the innocence of children. how to recapture that as an adult. . . .

Colleen said...

I hope she gets on! How cute!

Megan said...

So Cute! Good thing you scanned the letter first before you sent it so you'll always have a copy. Wouldn't it be so fun if she actually got a response?!

Heidi said...

That almost made me cry.. I'm a sucker for sweet kids. I'll say a little prayer for her in hopes that Paula at the very least contacts her.