Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Rough Wake-up

I've been a sleep-talker my whole life. The first I heard of it was when I was about six, and my visiting cousins woke me up and said I was shouting out "Put the bookbarn on the bookbarn!" I still don't know what that means, but sleeptalking never really makes sense, does it?

There were even a few times I woke up sleepwalking. I would find myself at the foot of my bed, pushing school books into my backpack, or I would be in front of the fridge, looking at the contents inside. Sometimes I'd find myself sitting on the couch, or up on my knees in my bed, looking out the window. A time or two, I'd be in the bathroom. Good thing I was a smart sleepwalker!

However, I sleeptalk more than anything. I know I do it. I often find myself in that dream-like state, where I am in-between slumber and awakefulness. I am talking aloud. It sure makes sense while I am doing it. Then I fully wake up. I have some memory of what I was just saying, and suddenly it doesn't make sense at all.

By now, the husband is use to it. He doesn't try to talk to me anymore. He doesn't try to make sense of what I'm saying. He usually ignores me, or calmly pats my back and tells me everything is ok, especially when I have frantic moments, like "The baby! The baby! Where is the baby!"

Lately, I've been confused when I wake up. Maybe it is from all the different places I've slept this past month while on vacation, but I can't seem to recall where I am, or for that matter, who I am with. I feel an arm across my chest. I hear breathing next to me. I struggle to move away and shout "Who are you? There's a man in my bed!"

Ah. It's only my husband. Luckily, he hasn't shown concern when I can't identify him in the middle of the night. As long as he doesn't take my sleeptalking seriously, we can continue to have a peaceful and happy sleeping experience.


ModernMom said...

My 10 year old is a sleep walker/talker. I was hoping she would grow out of this...guess I better just get used to conversations that are interesting but make no sense!! LOL

Rebecca said...

My husband is a sleep talker and both of my boys seem to have taken this habit up also. It can be hilarious and yet frustrating because they make no sense and can't explain later what they were talking about. Mike has scared me half to death many times with his loud talking and quick movements.

Sara said...

Hilarious! It sounds like you're getting progressively more sleep-delirious. The next step is to tell your husband to hide all the knives. You heard of the guy who killed his in-laws during a night-terror? :) I love your anecdotes!

PS: Our kids are attending Reeves school in the fall. Did you like it? I've heard good things so far from Linden Snarr and Alice hardy. How does it compare to CO schools?

I'm Always Rite said...

Shaina, you are so cool! :)
You just make me happy! :)