Monday, July 27, 2009

School Supply List

Wow. I just printed out the kids' school supply list for the 09-10 School year. I think it's going to make me go into debt. Here's a complete list of what my kids need.

8 lg glue sticks
1 bottle of school glue
1 ruler
1 pair of scissors (round tip)
2 pairs of scissors (pointed)
4 red ball point pens
102 (#2) pencils, sharpened
1 pkg Dry Erase markers
2 Vis-a-vis markers (wet erase)
2 highlighters
5 packs of 3x3 post-it notes
6 large box of tissues
1 (7x11) space saver plastic school box
2 pkg lined notebook paper (8 1/2 x 11)
2 notebooks (5 subject)
1 notebook (1 subject)
1 notebook (5x7)
1 soprano recorder
$8.00 for pre-ordered subject organizer
$4.00 for Primary Journals
1 (2-inch) three-ring binder
1 Set of dividers for binder
8 plain colored pocket folders (bottom pockets)
1 24-count box of crayons
2 box colored pencils
3 large pink erasers
1 box ziploc baggies (freezer-pint size)
2 boxes ziploc gallon bags
1 8-count box of markers, broad tip
1 (80 count) pkg loose leaf notebook paper (wide ruled)
1 supply box
1 fat tip black sharpie
1 yellow plastic pocket folder
1 3-pronged orange folder
4 pkgs of white 3x5 index cards, ruled
3 backpacks
1 box wipes

I absolutely LOVE when the school supplies go on sale. I usually stock up on markers, paper, crayons...etc. However, with this list, I'm going to be beyond my budget, that's for sure.


Burns Family said...

I hear ya!!! Last year I bought a ton of extra crayons and glue sticks, since our kindergarten teacher always asks for more mid year. The people in line thought I was a teacher...I replied I was just a mom stocking up!

Sara said...

Wow--that is ridiculous!!!! I'm dreading those days yet to come. I was mentally complaining about having to shop for two this year! And they're only in Kindergarten and First grade!

BrittanyLane said...

I KNOW! Our lists are out of control this year. I mean do each of my children really use 16 glue sticks in a year? By the way, you might want to check online for some of the big items, like a gross of pencils will probably be cheaper than buying a bunch of little packs. Good luck!

Rayna said...

That's why I always watch for the summer sales and stock up! Walmart had the best deals so far. Usually Staples does buy one get one for a penny!

purejoy said...

just think in a few years your list will look like this!
xl twin sheets
xl twin comforter
laundry hamper
bathroom wastebasket
bedroom wastebasket
shower curtain
bathroom towels
emergency first aid kit
tool kit
and on and on and on. . .
college shopping.
calgon take me away!!

I'm Always Rite said...

I'm so excited for school supply shopping. I love the smell of new school supplies... especially the crayons! I am so totally NOT excited for school. :\