Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sun Kissed at the Pool

Took the kiddos to the pool today in Spanish Fork. It was a really nice big pool, with a great area that was 3 ft deep, so the kids shed their floaties pretty quickly and played like fish in the water. Georgie kept her pink floaties on and quite enjoyed floating around, kicking her little legs.

The boys LOVE to wear their little goggles and had a blast doing flips and tricks with each other.
We went with my sister Kim's family, and here is Kamy, with her cousin Lexi having fun in the water. They were inseparable.

Uncle Jason had a great time throwing the boys in the water and splashing around with them.

He also went down the huge waterslide with Georgie a few times, and sacrificed his lungs to a bit of water every time they reached the bottom of the slide, so that Georgie wouldn't go under the water. What a great Uncle.

This is Kolby's "dive". He puts his hands together, curls himself up, and jumps. Keaton ops for the straighter plunge.

It took a bit of convincing by Auntie Kim, but Georgie finally jumped off the edge of the pool! She is hidden by her pink floatie, but there's an enormous grin on her face and she is squealing like a pig.
I was there too, but ironically enough, the camera never got pointed my way. Too bad.


Jana said...

Your kids look like they are having a blast. I have family in Spanish Fork and Payson. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

Did you know that I live mere minutes from that pool!!!

Heath said...

Man you guys look good. Miss you. I am so proud of the boys. And Kolby it looks like he is trying to dive and jump at the same time with his hands together like I taught in the the pool when we left. Gorgie is just adorable (Miss you my little Goregie). Thanks Uncle Jason and Aunt Kim for hosting Shaina and the kids. It looks like they love being with you and you like having them too.

teensy_dc said...

So cute! It's amazing how kids can play in the water & it seems they never tire. Your kids are so darn cute. Love Georgie's little pink floaties. :)