Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Visiting Friends

When I was in Utah, I had the opportunity to see lots of old friends, besides visiting with my family. One day, I got to catch up with my friend Bethany. We were best friends in high school, and she was my roommate my last year of college. We are still very close. I consider her family. While I was there, we got in touch with another of our roommates and persuaded her to hang out with us for a few hours. Here is a picture of the three of us.

Lisa, the dark haired beauty on the end, hasn't married yet. If you have a guy that you want to set her up with, we are taking resumes and blood samples.

After she left, we took a picture with all of our kids. Bethany has 4 girls and is expecting her first boy in a few weeks.

A few days later, I got to meet some of Heath's cousins. We spent the evening with them and enjoyed a BBQ dinner together. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture together. Why? I have no idea. I must have lost it that night. Anyway, Wes and Linda, I loved meeting you!!

I also got to catch up with some dear friends from our time living in California. I went to dinner with Heidi, Nicki, Young and her adorably squishy baby Ammon

Then we went to a late night movie where we met up with Suzanne. Just for some added trivia, Nicki, Suzanne, and Young all love extra butter on their popcorn. Gross. I needed to borrow some wipes just to feel clean again after eating all that greasy popcorn. However, it must have been the pregnancy, because I ate more than my share. Don't judge me. How do you like your popcorn?

The next day, we met up with another friend, Tasha Asay, and got to see the husbands and kids that belonged to my girlfriends. We met up at Nicki's husband's Grandfather's Ranch in Spanish Fork, Utah.

If you can follow that connection, Ryan's Grandfather is Gail Halvorsen, THE CANDY BOMBER. If you know your Air Force History, he's pretty famous. Here is a link with more info if you are interested. He patiently took all the kids around to enjoy horsie rides, then he posed for a picture with all of them. It was very nice meeting him. Wonderful man.

I also visited with my old childhood friend, Tisha, who I sadly had to move away from when I was 12 years old. We were best friends. We lost contact for about 12 years, but we are back in the saddle again. She has six kids now and my kids got to spend the day with them, and hear us say things like "We were best friends when we were your age!" Sadly, I didn't get a picture with them either. What was I thinking?


purejoy said...

utah looks pretty amazing. did you grow up there and when did you leave?
i think it's interesting to hear how people get separated from their roots. . .
i don't know why. maybe it's because everyone has a neat story and i love me a good story!

shaina said...

I didn't grow up in Utah. I went to BYU for my last two years of college. RIght now I have two siblings that live there, and it was a centerpoint for my family reunion.

Colleen said...

That's what's wonderful about Utah, you can always find a friend or two (or twenty, like you!) that lives there! It sounds and looks like fun visits with all!

rad6 said...

I just got back from Utah too. Just found your blog and I like it. Will be back by to check on you!
Your Napoleon picture makes me laugh!

Megan said...

You really did awesome getting together with friends. Everytime I go to Utah I think I should look up so and so but I'm so busy I really haven't done that. Maybe next time!

Maynards said...

Fun pictures. I am glad you were able to meet up with good ol' friends. There is nothing like it.