Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Awkwardness with the Owner

I had called up the owner of our house on Monday, to tell him that our dishwasher had broken. By the way, it was the first time we've called him for a repair since we moved here. Anyway, it wasn't pumping water. So I told him that we've tried everything for 3 days, and now we are turning the problem over to him. Well, he came today to look at it.

He turned the dial to the heat setting. "If it is electrical, the heat setting won't work."

He waited about a minute.

He opened up the dishwasher, put his hand down over the heating element, and nearly jumped back on top of me in effort to get his hand off the burning coil. "Uh, heating element works" he said. I suggested he run his hand under cool water. He ignored said suggestion.

He turned the dial again, pulled out the lever, and started the dishwasher.

What'do ya know. It not only started, but I hear water whooshing into the machine. He opens the door to peek inside. Yup. We see water in the bottom. He asks me if there is a soap tablet in the dishwasher. I reply "Yes, there is a tablet right next to the burning hot coil. Don't touch it."

He gives me a little smirk, then asks me if, when I tried to start it before, I pulled the lever out to make it turn on.

"Yes. We've been living here for a while. I know how to start the dishwasher."

At any rate, maybe something was tweaked and just needed a good flip, push, or tug. It is a very old dishwasher, in any case. So it turns out that no matter how many times I turned the knob to change cycles, hoping that the water would start...and no matter how many times I changed it from "heavy wash" to "normal wash" and from "heated dry" to "energy efficient air dry", it wouldn't work for me. But the minute the owner did it, it worked. That is annoying.


Megan said...

lol - that is embarrassing! I have a horrible dishwasher that used to not start until I dropped kicked it before pressing start. Now for some reason it works. Also our neighbor couldn't get their water softener to work and asked Cameron to see if he could fix it. Guess what . . . after having the well fixed someone had unplugged it!! Cameron just went over and plugged it in!!! You should ask Bec about the dryer Cameron "repaired" for her also. I hope your dishwasher continues to work.

Sheri said...

LOL. Gotta love stuff like this. It nearly always happens to me! I think that's why I wait so long for everything. (Sort of like finally taking a sick child to the pediatrician and they heal while in the waiting room)

kdaygirl said...

My dishwasher wasnt working for almost a week... We washed by hand for a while till I got sick of it and decided to fix it myself. I did my dryer, why not my dishwasher?
I got the manual and looked at the "problem Solving" section.
It turns out it didnt work because one of the racks was in backwards...how dumb!

Sharon said...

jeeze, don't ya hate that? that would be an weird situation

Heidi said...

Murphy's law..

Just like when your car is making noise and you get your husband to drive it and he doesn't hear it.

I'm glad it's working again!

Dan and Katie said...

stupid dishwasher, maybe it was just messin' with ya