Monday, August 10, 2009

And So The Days Go On

A friend suggested we go to a sprinkler park to let the kids play together, and to get my mind off things. So we went. At first, Georgie didn't want to get too wet. It was a nice day, but a bit cooler than it had been, and when you combine that, with freezing water being sprayed on you, well, I wouldn't want to get wet either.

But she did twirl around and got "misted" a little.
Then we moved to another section of the park and let the kids play on the play equipment. We have some good acrobats in our family.

We have told the kids a little of what to expect when their baby is born. They know that his heart is broken and that the doctors are going to try to make it work. They understand that I will be in the hospital with him for a while, and that he will have special medication and equipment. They also know that this is severe enough that he might not live, and will instead, go back to be with Heavenly Father. They accept everything, and have great faith.
Emotions are at the surface. Simple things make me tear up. Our life has changed, but I don't see that change as being bad. It is simply a new challenge with a whole lot of love to go with it. We will take these next few months day by day. I feel the need to organize and simplify my life. And so...the days go on.


runningfan said...

You are amazing! Sounds like you've got a great perspective and the courage to go forward.

Pam said...

I just caught up on your posts. I will be praying for you and your family. Hang in there. Our God is the great physician!

purejoy said...

i've been away this weekend, so missed your post about your baby's heart so i went back to catch up. i'm really sorry that you are now in the club that no one wants to join. . . the heartbabies. . . but once you're in it, you find a whole new community.
i'm praying for you as you begin this journey and appreicate very much your willingness to be open and candid.
bless you all and gestate well!!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Great pix.. You all look like you had a good time..

Continue to be positive and enjoy the journey

Stacey said...

Looks like fun...glad you were able to get out for a little bit.

Colleen said...

That water is definitely cold! Georgie is pretty brave even for just twirling. I am glad you guys are getting out and moving on through the days. That takes courage and strength that I know you have, even if some days it may not feel like it!

Trinette McCrary said...

Think of you every day. We are going to Rock Ledge Ranch on friday. You are welcome to come and anyone is invited.