Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy 2 Year Blogiversary To Me!!

Hello everyone!! Thank you for being here for my 2nd blogiversary!! I have gone through the year of posts and picked out some of my favorites for your viewing (and reading) pleasure. Tell me what was interesting for you. If you leave me a comment, you'll be entered in the drawing (see the end of the post!).

This is the link to my First Year in Review.


This simple little craft still gets a lot of attention.
Finger Puppet Fun!
The first PURSE I ever made, which started up a whole slew of sewing for me, including these dolls, these skirts, this Wasp Bag, this adorable apron, the crochet dollie, this tag monster, and soft baskets, among other things.
Learn how to make a cute watch bracelet.

Make a supercape for your superhero in no time flat!

Good Reading

The story of the Haircut Horror.
Some journal excerpts from when I was 10 years old.
The story of the scooter crash.

The story of a fishy murder.
Did you know there is a National Punctuation Day?
The story of growing up on generational biscuits.
The story of how NOT to fly through the window.
The story of my mailman.
The story of my dangerous ride on the highway.
The story of how I got someone to marry me.
The incredibly short story of my first 8 years of life.
The story of my high school math teacher.

Random Interests

Our Christmas Eve Tradition.
Keaton had his heart broken for the first time.
If you need some party games, here is one, and here is another.
Randomness about me, and a top 10 list.
Luckily Georgie has outgrown the "passionate kissing" phase...for now.
Kolby still can't keep his hands out of the treats.
We are pregnant!
Family Reunion Time!
Our 10 year anniversary.
We found out that our baby is very special.

Thanks for being part of my year. I have a few days of giveaways planned, so keep coming back. Today's giveaway is sponsored by my sister Sharon. She is amazing at crafts and sewing. If I ever have a question about making something, she is the one I call. So I asked her to make something fun for my bloggy friends. She came up with this cute wallet. Do you want it? All you have to do is check out her blog. If you add it to your favorites, you won't be disappointed.

Leave me a comment here and you'll be entered in the random drawing to win this wallet. Say something nice.


Trinette McCrary said...

Yeah for blogging. You are a talented girl. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Colleen said...

Congrats on your 2 year Blogiversary!!! Not only are your homemaking skills awesome and the envy of all (well, me at least!), your writing is very fun to read! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that tag monster! Oh my goodness! That must have been one I missed. And I love your soft bag, and everything you make, so I can just stop there. And I still love your generational biscuit story. Oh, and as much fun as passionate kisses are from your hubby, that's always a nice stage to move on from your toddler. Thanks for sharing your Shaina brain in such fun ways!

Me and My Girls said...

Shaina-I love reading your blog entries. My favorites include the how not to fly through a window, and the mailman story. I also love the generational biscuts, since I make them all of the time. I have been touched mostly these last few weeks with your entries, I love to read about my nieces and nephews, I love how dedicated a mom you are. I even feel like I know baby "K" and have some some love for him and how strong he is. I love you Shaina and I love your blog.

Nancy said...

I love reading your blog! You are truly an inspiration :) Thanks for sharing your family's story as well as all of your crafty ideas and recipes!

Rayna said...

Well what can I say, but you have given me tons of inspiration to do things. I feel like a copy cat but I sure have tried a lot of your ideas.
Your blog is awesome and so are you! Congrats on 2 years!

purejoy said...

when i have a minute to practice some more blogstalking, i'll check out your past posts. congrats on two years!! wow!
love your blog, your stories, your capturing moments forever. .. i admire you alot!
oh, and hope you don't mind, but i gave you an award today. stop by and check it out!

Jen Sue Wild said...

You know I love your blog . I have been here from the beginning.. You always put a smile on my face.

Plus I get my Georgie fix..

Happy 2 year anniversary!!

Love you friend!!

Anonymous said...

These are the ones I LOVED! I am totally going to follow your blog now and you should follow mine:)

this adorable apron (Andrew would say something like that to me too!)

tag monster (I am so going to make one of these! so unique!)

Learn how to make a cute watch bracelet. (I always thought this would be a cute idea!)

Some journal excerpts from when I was 10 years old. (I love that you thought your mom was pregnant because she pushed you away!)

Keaton had his heart broken for the first time.(This was SO CUTE!)

Luckily Georgie has outgrown the "passionate kissing" phase...for now.(Oh my! What a child!!)

We found out that our baby is very special.(I actually read this one before I found out you were having a give away:))

DougandSheilah said...

Thanks for blogging so Doug and I can keep up with your family. I love your recipe posts the most because i love to cook. Take care and know that we are thinking of you guys.

The Girls' Mom said...

Your blogging has been a blessing and an inspiration. I would have never started one without following your lead and hope that one day I can maintain mine as well as you do. The blessing has been that i feel like I can be apart of your lives despite the time and distance. your recipes have filled our bellies, and your stories fill me with laughter and sometimes great memories too. Congrats on 2 years and keep up the good work. Love you!

Ande said...

Wow, it's been two years already!! Where does the time go. I love this wallet. I am thinking, pick me pick me. :) I love reading your blog and getting to see the pics of the kids, boy have they all grown.

dippyrooroo said...

Happy blogiversary Shaina dear!
Happy posts have come from you all year!
If I had a wish than it would be,
A happy blogiversary to you, from me!

And that we lived in the same house again...
And that I could be as cool as you are...
And that my kids were already back to school...
And that I had a cool blog like you...

Adri said...

Happy Blogiversary! I was reading your post about your journal and now I have a favor to ask (I know, I know...sorry!). I'm teaching sharing time on the 30th and the topic is family history. I was hoping you might be willing to share a short (1-2 minute) excerpt from your childhood journal. It could be about a triumph, trial, spiritual insight, etc. What do you think???

amy said...

You are talented indeed, amazingly optimistic. I do love to read your blog.

Dan and Katie said...

I don't even know when my blogiversary is?!? But I do have now just over 40 posts :) You are an inspiration!!

Jeff and Lori said...

I'm new to the blog world, but I already love your blog! I have tried 3 recipes so far and your stories make me smile. Happy blogiversary!

Shavonne said...

Yay for your 2 year blogiversary!! ARe you going to make another book? I love reading your blog, I check it everyday, and I am glad you do it!! I like all your stories, and experiences, recipes, craft, it all!

Anonymous said...

Your ideas are great...
Happy 2 year anniversary!!
Thanks for sharing...
Apply now Nation wide cash

sweet stuff and tiny said...

I just found your blog, how exciting, looks like Ive got some reading to do, the wallet is adorable. Thank goodness I found you. :0)

Beth Ann said...

I love your blog. You are so creative and your children are so adorable!

Love Lorri said...

I really like your blog. Just came across it, but it is now a favorite!
Congrats on 2 years!

traci said...

i am a friend of the harpers in sc... she got me hooked on your blog starting with getting me to look at your haircut about a year ago...love it btw,,, anyhoo, you are a very talented person... love your ideas and well written stories...

ronee said...

purple is one for my favorite colors..i love your blog..it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy! i wish heavenly father blessed me with your talents...the mother you are..and the skills you have! you amaze me..and i love your stories..they seem a lot like mine! im just to chicken to share!