Friday, August 14, 2009

Letters to the Tooth Fairy

So after the boys had their teeth knocked out, self inflicted, they sat down at the table and wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy. Anything to get them out of going to bed, right?

Kolby drew himself, a tiny little Tooth Fairy with wings, and a lone tooth, with red on the inside to show the blood. Very nice.

Keaton drew himself, and then tried to explain how he lost his tooth.

He wrote: "I tieeb a flos on my tooht and the door nob and I slamd the door and my tooth fell out." (I tied a floss on my tooth and the door knob and I slammed the door and my tooth fell out.)

The Tooth Fairy came and left a note for the boys, along with a five dollar bill (the only cash she could find on such short notice). Her note read: "Dear Keaton and Kolby, You were so brave to pull your teeth out all by yourself! I am so happy I got to visit both of you at the same time. Keaton, it is ok that you lost your tooth on the floor. I always come, whether you have a tooth for me or not. Kolby, I hope your other loose tooth comes out soon so that I can come back again. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. Here is some money for both of you to share. Love, the Tooth Fairy.


purejoy said...

so adorable. i love the way kids draw and it's so sweet to save. . . until they move out for college and you have stacks and stacks of cute stuff and you're at a loss of what to do with it all. yes, scan it and save it. what a super idea.
my treasure trove when in the trash. sad, but true.
purging is hard, but seriously, who needs 30 trophies?? especially the kind you get just for showing up for the season. it's thrilling for them. . . but ten years later?? (sorry, i'm rambling)

April said...

So cute! How fun that you also held off bedtime to pull some teeth.

Also here is a good book to use if you wand to start freezing meals like Shaina it has tons of recipes and great tips. Dinner is Ready by Deanna Buxton.

PS it was fun to talk with you the other day Miss ya!

Shavonne said...

Cute pictures- I like Kolby's long leggedness :) The inflation really shows in the money reward kids get for teeth these days!

Anonymous said...

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