Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obsessive Behaviors

My Bloggy Friend PureJoy gave me an award last week. I dearly appreciate it. She is a very motivated and inspirational person. She leaves me great comments. She has a huge heart. Thank you!!

According to the "rules", I now need to list 5 obsessions and then tag 5 people. Let's see. I feel like I share so much on this blog, that you could probably list my obsessions for me. I'll name a few, but if you feel inclined to add to the list, I won't mind a bit.
1. I love crushed ice. This is not a new thing for me. I've always had a hanker'in for chewing on ice. I like to make it mostly chopped up in my mouth, and then swallow it when it's still chunky and slushy. Feels so good going down my throat. During pregnancies, this craving gets almost out of control. With my last pregnancy, there wasn't a SONIC nearby to get bags of ice from, but I did work at a hospital. Before leaving, I would fill up my Ziploc bag with crushed ice, take it home, and stash it in the freezer. I often felt guilty about this, but I just Had To Have Crushed Ice!! I'm so glad that now, I can legitimately buy a bag of crushed ice to fulfill my cravings.
2. Freshly Baked Bread. I'm really not a "pastry" type of girl. During college, I worked in a bakery in the early hours of the morning. People would come in and get their donuts and bagels for breakfast. I always got comments of how lucky I was to work in a bakery, and don't I just love all the donuts and the wonderful smells. Actually, the smell made me sick. Donuts...dripping in grease....well, it just doesn't do it for me. Besides, I have a problem digesting most types of oils, so with that added to the mix, it wasn't a happy job for me. That being said, I love freshly baked bread. Right out of the oven. I slice it up immediately, spread some butter on it, and I'm in HEAVEN! Growing up, my mom made rolls quite often. The only problem was that she wouldn't let us have any right away. We had to wait for dinner, and by that time, they were cold and hard. It was so frustrating! When I started making rolls and bread, I made a rule that whoever was with me, had to have some fresh bread right away! When it's hot, it's best. I'm a sucker for freshly baked bread.
3. I ALWAYS separate my silverware in the dishwasher. I put all the forks together, all the knives, all the spoons, etc. They are face-up in their little compartments so they get clean better (except for the knives, which are face-down) and when it comes to putting them away, they are already neatly organized for me. If someone else happens to load the dishwasher, which really isn't often, and doesn't do it MY way, it totally ruins my day for me. I shouldn't let it get to me so much, but really, I don't ask for much. Just separate the silverware. It's such a little thing, but to me, it makes the biggest difference.
4. My bedroom is always the LAST room to get clean. I'm always on top of the Family Room and the Kitchen. Those rooms MUST be clean. I simply cannot have someone come into my house and have them see messes. It frazzles me. So I keep the front rooms clean and ready. I make the kids clean up their rooms (then I help them with the deeper cleaning). The thing is, my room hardly ever gets cleaned. It just doesn't seem like a priority. It bothers me. Alot. But yet, it stays messy.
5. I am always taking pictures. I really want to document the kids' childhood. I want them to know what they looked like when they were 3, how I looked when I was pregnant with them, and other such things. I wish I had more pictures of me and my siblings growing up, so that is the motivator behind my obsessive photography. Oh, I often hear moans and complaints from the husband or the kids. "No more pictures!", but I know they will appreciate it. Eventually.
Ok, so there are 5 things about me. Don't you feel like you know me better now? Maybe I scared some of you off. Oh well. We all have our quirks, don't we?
I tag some of my Colorado Friends: Colleen, Heidi, Adri, Margaret, Katie, Becky, Robin, Trinette, Jen, Lori.
(I know it's more than 5. Oh well.)


Heath said...

I can confirm that every one of those things are right on. And I still love you Babes.

purejoy said...

haha ocd dishwasherness. i can so relate.
my bedroom is a pit, too. dust an inch thick (okay, maybe just 1/4")
bread = death of my diet. must. stay. away. ahhhhhhg!
our restaurant serves the ice pellets. seriously, a huge obsession with many!!
loved your answers. have a blessed week!!
ps. the dinner was good, but not as tasty as the other night. i was a bit restrained on the spice, so i'll have to go a bit wild and crazy next time. that's what i get for not using a recipe.
oh well, our company liked it! they were most impressed with the lime zest on the whipped cream (duh, from a can) with the little lime wheel. presentation is everything, dahling!!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the idea with the dishwasher! It never dawned on me to separate everything that way...duh! I also neglect my room! It is a MESS!!!

Colleen said...

Some of these things I might have guessed at, but it's always fun to learn new things too! You are such a great gal, Shaina! I love crushed ice too. In WA where we lived there was no Sonic, but the Taco Time has it. I was always so annoyed when I'd go to a new Taco Time and they'd have regular ice!

Anonymous said...

I love crushed ice too, and have for many years, one tip....have your iron levels checked, wanting a lot of ice can sometimes be a sign of low levels:) Love the blog btw:)