Friday, August 7, 2009

Q&A Response

Fist off, some of you wonder how I find time to blog. Easy. I lock up my kids in their rooms, put earplugs in, and wouldn't ya know it, I have a nice quiet house all to myself. More than enough time to blog.

If you don't believe me, even though I am sure I've done that before, the reality is, my kids are great at occupying themselves. They play. They read. They color and paint. They go outside and have great pretend games of fighting with swords (sticks) and chasing each other, and watching the neighborhood "big boys" play basketball. I find that I have quite enough time to sit and read, sew, craft, or BLOG. Plus, it helps that I really enjoy blogging. I find that I blog more than is probably necessary, but because I am using this as a family journal, as well as to provide a chuckle for me, and a chance to keep up with my first passion, writing, the more the merrier. So there ya go.

Secondly, I was asked "How are you feeling?" I honestly am doing wonderful. Still tired, but that goes with the territory. I usually have fantastic pregnancies. After my little nauseousness in the beginning few months, I've bounced back, enjoy food again (Except for meat. Still not sounding good.) and love being pregnant. Always have. I love feeling the baby wiggle around. I love my little pregnant belly that I get. I'm sad I won't ever experience this again, but I realize that this is the last baby for us. That being said, I try to enjoy everyday.

I was also asked how I liked using blogger, and if I could recommend it, or another site, for blog hosting. Quite frankly, I don't really know that much about the other blogging sites. I like using blogger because it's free, easy to use, and it was simply the first thing I clicked on when I decided to start a blog almost two years ago. From what I remember, I had lots of friends who were already posting blogs, so after reading one of theirs one day, I simply clicked on the "start a blog" link I am! Blogger has been good. I say go for it.

Any more questions?
Have a great day.

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Megan said...

Glad to hear you're doing well. I'm glad you blog too so I can get reacquainted with my college roommate again.